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An arrest has been made in another cold case in which Shannon Murrin's name has been mentioned. Good timing!!
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June 5/09

The drug charges that Murrin was arrested on were slated for court June 3/ .
quote: He's due back in court June 3 to answer to the drug charges, which stem from a November 2007 incident. The charges appear to have evaporated into thin air..

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Questions are being asked once again? Why is there is no information available to explain what happened to the charges.


Murrin may well be setting up another lawsuit? this time against the Newfoundland Gov. for naming him as the shooter in the Worthman Lockyer murders.
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With Oliver taking the blame for the Worthman Lockyer murders, Murrin's recent drug charges are the only obstacle left to his payoff off from the RCMP for the Mindy Tran murder. What happened to the drug charges, why so little news on that, why so quiet, when is the court case? 
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May 28/09

Recent t.v. interviews are showing the chilling and vindictive side of Murrin as he predicts Joe Oliver's death. "I have many friends," he says.

see- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xa9WE3QeuFQ

Murrin is almost reveling in Oliver's conviction and threatening that 12 inches of steal in the guts is what he has to look forward to. 

see- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaMoULWvOwM

Murrin says that this is just what Oliver's kind can expect, meaning an informant/ a rat.

He seems to have forgotten that it was he who first tried to cut a deal using the Worthman Lockyer murders. He obviously knew something and was prepared to tell.
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One of Murrin's old buddies has recently commented on the CBC website.

Shannie i remember when you were runnin around shoplifting. you were a two bit punk then and your a two {or 3} timemurder now !! the reason he hasnt gone to prison is because he has ratted on so many people they have nowhere to put him!!

There are others claiming the same.
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May 25/09

Shannon Murrin is named in court documents as the shooter in the Worthman Lockyer murders.

This is the court document with all the details.

The man who tried to do the right thing and provided eye witness testimony to the murders ends up being charged with murder himself. He pleads guilty to manslaughter. Once again, Shannon Murrin has escaped all charges. 

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April 20/09

Murrin is named by a tipster in another case involving a murdered girl..
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Shannon Murrin has a court date set for his civil suit against the RCMP. Is he about to be paid off? 
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April /09

A May/ 09 court date has been set for the trial of Joe Oliver for the Worthman Lockyer murders in Newfoundland.

December 21/08

A lengthy preliminary trial continues on in virtual secrecy under a media blackout in the province of Newfoundland. On trial is Joe Oliver, the man who went to the police with evidence of a long cold double murder. After leading investigators to the bodies, the murder weapon, and providing a witness statement to the police in which he identified Shannon Murrin as the killer, he is now on trial for the murders himself. Some may ask why a person who had supposedly gotten away with murder for so long would then turn himself in so many years later, some may ask why Shannon Murrin was not at least charged as a co-conspirator, but all is not that simple.
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Shannon Murrin has been waltzed through the justice system from one end of this country to the other long before any of the most recent allegations. Controversial judgments and botched investigations follow in his wake. The latest charges will test the very fabric of the justice system in Newfoundland, a system that has undergone extreme scrutiny for falsely charging and convicting three others on murder charges in recent years. One man who knows all too well what goes on, having involvement in all three previous wrongful conviction cases, has become the Provincial Justice Minister.
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Which way will the pendulum swing this time, only time will tell, but already things are beginning to smell a little fishy! The justice minister responsible for bringing this case against Oliver has had his own past associations with the attorneys and organizations responsible for Shannon Murrin's acquittal in the MINDY TRAN case. Shannon Murrin was previously represented by a lawyer of high standing in AIDWYC. 

Mr. Kennedy has been a criminal lawyer for 20 years and was counsel at the Lamer Inquiry in St. John's. He is a director of the Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted (AIDWYC) and has worked on wrongful conviction cases throughout Canada. Mr. Kennedy was appointed Queen's Counsel in 2005.

Joe Oliver is claiming that he is being railroaded by the Newfoundland police and justice system for the Worthman Lockyer murders.
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The judge who presided over Shannon Murrin's trial for the murder of Mindy Tran has recently been arrested on unrelated corruption charges in a foreign country. Three top cops were suspended for their involvement as well. In Canada, the judges former colleagues rushed to defend him, including the current Attorney General of British Columbia. No reviews of any cases are warranted here he claims! 
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Previous updates:  

July 28/06
Two bodies have just been discovered in a wooded area located along a back road which runs directly behind Shannon Murrin's family home in Newfoundland. 
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Shannon Murrin has previously been named as the prime suspect in the disappearance of the only couple to have ever disappeared from the area.
see- Tidsury's notes 
It is too much to expect the victims families to be able to deal with this situation on their own and the Newfoundland Constabulary will need the full support from their own organization, the political will, judicial assurances, media scrutiny, and every bit of public support they can get in order to bring this type of killer to justice. 
Call and encourage them. -ph. numbers
Item # 3: Police chiefs from across the country are in St. John's this week for a conference. This morning they attended a session on what needs to be done to restore public confidence in the justice system.
.see- Worthman Lockyer case updates

Aug 7/06
During a recent drug trial, several informant handlers from the Kelowna RCMP were questioned about their knowledge of Shannon Murrin's protected informant status. Their answers demonstrate that the Kelowna RCMP still consider this to be privileged information. As a result, the public remains largely unaware of the potentially ulterior motive lurking behind the RCMP actions like washing the DNA evidence from Mindy Tran's clothes.
see- trial transcript

Aug 17/06
Mindy Tran was abducted twelve years ago today. This was usually the one day of the year that Mindy would get some mention in the mainstream press and the public would get reminded that her killer is still on the loose. This year, the timing of a bizarre confession in the JonBenet Ramsey murder case has blanketed the news for this day to the point of exclusion for Mindy. What little was said on B.C.'s Global TV about Mindy suggested that Shannon Murrin like the Ramseys, could possibly be innocent, and pointed out that just like in JonBenet's case, someone else (an inmate in Kent Penitentiary) has apparently confessed to Mindy's  murder. There was no mention of the suspects name or of any credible evidence to implicate him in the murder. In the United.States, the news reporters diligently questioned the credibility of the confession in the JonBenet case and searched out any evidence to confirm or refute the confession. Here in Canada, not one question was asked about the credibility of the confession in Mindy's case! The "illusion" that there could be another suspect, but no need to worry or call for an investigation because he is safely locked away, is once again placed in the public's mind. The Kelowna RCMP keep telling the press that the community was well served by the Mindy Tran investigation and that is all that gets reported year after year. The Newfoundland murders were never even mentioned in the Kelowna news. 
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Oct 15/06 
Shannon Murrin and his girlfriend had previously published their account of the Mindy Tran case on a website dedicated to the wrongfully convicted. ( injusticebusters.com/  Afterwards, following the publishing of this site, Murrin's girlfriend contacted the publisher of their story asking for it to be removed. It was Murrin's girlfriend who supplied the information naming Murrin as the prime suspect in the Worthman Lockyer murders prior to their bodies being found behind Murrin's family home.
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Mindy Tran was not the first unsolved case involving a missing Vietnamese girl and a serial killer that Forbes,
the head of the Kelowna RCMP had been involved in.
On instruction from the Attorney Generals office of Alberta, Corporal G.A. Gary Forbes, R.C.M.P. officer of the general investigation section of Edmonton visited Kingston Penitentiary to see Olson. Statements were written on April 14th, 1983and signed by Olson and G.A. Forbes of the R.C.M.P. pertaining to the three murdered girls. These statements cannot be made public by Olson because of the R.C.M.P.'s ongoing investigation in this matter. It can be noted, however, that one of the victims was Oahn Ngoc Ha a 19 years old Vietnamese who was then employed at the Banff Hotel where Olson stayed.
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Oct 16/06 
A criminal profiler from the United States has sent a few general comments on this case noting that we like in the U.S. really only have recourse through public protest or by elections. 
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Other countries have experienced similar cases of obstruction recently and they have been able to find a solution.
British solution
Australian solution
see- Iranian solution 
Iran- Officials have said they plan to prosecute members of the police and judiciary for not acting sooner to stop the killings.
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Nov 13/06

More possible victims named
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Nov 29/06
 Sheila Rose Steele                                       
STEELE - Sheila Rose Jones Steele passed away on Saturday, November 11, 2006 in Saskatoon. 
Quotes from Sheila's website: www.injusticebusters.com

Truth can never be told so as to be understood, and not be believ'd. William Blake, The Proverbs of Hell

Truth suppress'd, whether by courts or crooks, will find an avenue to be told. Sheila Steele, injusticebusters.com

If you hold the mouth of Truth, It will burst out its rib-cage. Somali proverb

Shannon Murrin's girlfriend Kathy MacDonald submitted the evidence running on the injustice busters website which named Shannon Murrin as the prime suspect in the Worthman Lockyer murders at a time prior to the discovery of their bodies. Kathy MacDonald later asked Sheila Steele the website administrator to remove the story from the internet. Sheila refused. 
see- Worthman Lockyer case updates 

Sheila Steele was asked by this website to confirm the source of the story running on her site. She did in an e-mail which was published here on Oct 15/06. An Affidavit was to follow, it would never make it.
see- copy of e-mail confirmation

Sheila died suddenly and unexpectedly less than a month later.
see- www.injusticebusters.com

Dec 3/06
Witness involved in Worthman Lockyer investigation receives death threats! Time to call the Ministry of Public Safety?
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Jan/13 /07
Quote- from

RNC have made an arrest in connection with the 1993 murders of Kimberly Ann Lockyer and Dale Worthman. A 37 year old man from Portugal Cove-St. Philips was arrested and will appear in court tomorrow on two charges of second degree murder.  Police called a news conference this evening to make the announcement.  Worthman and Lockyer disappeared more than 13 years ago and in August of last year after a ground search off Thorburn Road,  two sets of remains were found.  An autopsy determined the pair had been shot.

Jan/14 /07 
see- suspect named in Worthman Lockyer murders. 

Global News Jan/ 16 /07 Kelowna B.C. 6:00 PM.
News footage- Murrin claims that he is being set up for a murder charge.
Kelowna news
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Jan/ 16 /07
A strange twist has emerged in the case of a St. John's-area double-homicide, with the revelation that woman working as a psychic played a part in the investigation.
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March 17th /07-
Compliments of the late Sheila Steele.
The RCMP notes that implicated Shannon Murrin in his latest high profile  murder case were originally published years ago on Sheila Steele's injusticebusters.com website. Little did anyone know then that the bodies of this couple would later be discovered buried alongside a trail running directly behind Shannon Murrin's former residence. The pattern of protection documented here appears to be repeating! Why? 
The media has taken notice and published the notes.
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see- from Newfoundland

March 25th /07
Licensed to kill! 
Another name is added to the lengthening list of RCMP informants  implicated in murder. Once again the following stories demonstrate the legal problems encountered by the media when attempting to inform the public about one of these RCMP protected killers. This story could apply to any one of these highly protected agents. 
"The RCMP has said it's illegal for anyone to tell the committee, or even Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day, the full story. The victim's family members also cannot be told that their loved one was killed by an agent of the state."
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Story 1  Story 2  Story 3 
see- Canadian informants

May 16/ 07
Note the difference in the legal assistance offered to Shannon Murrin for Mindy Tran's murder compared to that offered Joe Oliver for the Worthman Murder. 

Murrin- Mindy tran case

Oliver-  Worthman Lockyer murders

Feb 14/08 

After being implicated in the Worthman Lockyer murders, 
Murrin arrested for dope charges. Court appearance scheduled for Feb./08 Once again he claims he is being framed by the RCMP. Sources claim Murrin's partners will take the rap. 

Note- Not all of the information on this site comes from "official documents". Some, like the testimony of the two witnesses mentioned in the above e-mail came from personal interviews in which both witnesses said that it was Shannon Murrin they saw carrying a suitcase near the park where Mindy's body was found. 


Since publishing pictures of the residence where Murrin was said to be staying at the time of Jennifer Cusworth's murder the Cusworths did not attend the yearly anniversary of their daughters murder for the first time ever. The RCMP claim that they have investigated all tips but make no mention of this residence or Shannon Murrin's whereabouts.
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September 22/08

Shannon Murrin and his live in juror/ p.r. spokesperson have responded to the allegations contained on this site and threatened legal action claiming that evidence of another suspect has not been given due consideration. Murrin claims that he has sent a complaint about this site to some unnamed politician. 
see- e- mail from Murrin/ MacDonald.
see- reply to MacDonald
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So in all fairness, this will be the final update in regard to Shannon Murrin's email and alibi unless documentation is received as requested. 
There actually is some information and evidence in support of another suspect. Mostly supplied by the media, the RCMP and Murrin. You can judge for yourselves who killed Mindy Tran!
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