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A known child-killer has been paid off by the Canadian government without anyone being allowed to know the whole story. All of Canada witnessed the trial, the headlines said he was innocent. Very few people knew the depths of the cover up that was underway. This is the evidence the RCMP never wanted anyone to know about...

What began as a public inquiry to identify the person responsible for the rape and murder of just one innocent little girl, has led to a startling but inescapable conclusion. The only suspect, a suspected serial killer, is an RCMP "agent" ! The last remaining witnesses live in fear for their own safety, not from the murder suspect, but from the RCMP themselves!  A code of silence extends into the highest levels of the RCMP.  

This was one of the strangest cases ever seen in Canada. It all came to light following the murder of Mindy Tran, an eight year old girl from Kelowna B.C. The ensuing RCMP investigation grew into a huge serial killer investigation involving police agencies from all over western Canada. A suspect was finally arrested but then acquitted after the case was horribly botched, the DNA evidence suspiciously washed from the victim's clothes under orders from the RCMP. The police were forced to investigate themselves but withheld most of the concluding report. What little was released was damming, even stating that certain unnamed officers had failed to live up to their duty as members of the RCMP. Yet no charges were ever laid against anyone involved and the hunt for a serial killer was abruptly terminated.

hunt for a serial killer begins 
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The public was confused by the behavior of the RCMP. News reports had everyone wondering whether the real killer had even been found. Shannon Murrin, the only suspect, publicly proclaimed his innocence and sued the police for their actions claiming he'd been framed. He and his new girlfriend, (a  juror from his trial ), were supposedly co-authoring a book that was about to reveal all. 
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The RCMP staunchly stood by their claim that the investigation was thorough and that the right man had been arrested. Rank and file members of the RCMP wanted the final report on the RCMP investigation released in order to clear their name. This report is being withheld from public scrutiny and all media requests for its release have continually been denied. The RCMP claimed the case was closed unless new evidence could be found.
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A frightened witness came forward after the trial and disclosed that on the night of the abduction, he had followed a suspect back to a previously undisclosed and uninvestigated residence where the suspect met with several others who could identify the killer. Although the witness believed that the person he saw was Shannon Murrin, this residence is not where Murrin claimed to have been and is not mentioned in any of the RCMP investigation reports or court documents. The witness was assaulted and threatened during a home invasion just prior to Murrin's trial by masked assailants claiming to be the RCMP. The RCMP are refusing to allow this witness to even sign a statement for the night of Mindy's abduction.
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A CBC producer was provided information disclosing that Shannon Murrin was an RCMP informant and that Sgt. Tidsbury the lead investigator, was actually his "handler". The producer arranged for an interview with Sgt. Tidsbury  during which, a reporter questioned and solicited an admission from Tidsbury, that Murrin was indeed an informant. Sgt. Tidsbury ordered the cameras to be shut off and for this to be kept off the record. Despite the producer's keen interest in this story, her ensuing request to investigate this connection was stopped by her superiors. She left the CBC shortly afterwards. Sgt. Tidsbury has hardly spoken to the press since.

In a highly unusual move, National Security had even been cited as the reason for withholding details of the RCMP investigation from the jury. Testimony which would have revealed a unique physical characteristic common to both Mindy's killer and to Shannon Murrin was with held from the public and the jury. The official investigation revealed an unprecedented level of obstruction occurring at every juncture. If the RCMP had conspired to deliberately "throw" this case, this is how it was accomplished.
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A private investigation revealed an extremely suspicious sequence of dead, missing, and obstructed witnesses who never even made it into court. Further digging unearthed an even more startling pattern of unsolved rapes, abductions, and murders occurring everywhere else the prime suspect was known to have been. 
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Murrin’s "tell all" book is now long over due ( six years+) and seldom mentioned. Neither Murrin nor his attorneys are pushing for an investigation of the new witness information and have ceased calling for an inquiry. The RCMP’s concluding report on their own conduct has never been fully released. An RCMP spokesman claimed that the RCMP internal review of the RCMP investigation had exonerated all  RCMP members of any wrongdoing.
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After the trial, it became increasingly obvious that the prime suspect Shannon Murrin, was receiving an unusual degree of assistance from some highly placed individuals, including from a former B.C. judge.
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A recent news report suggests that the RCMP may even be secretly arranging to pay off Shannon Murrin and a juror who aided in his acquittal.
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This child killer and his accomplices remain on the loose to this day.  
The new information has never been investigated, nor has the confirming evidence ever been secured. The RCMP are only being called upon to do the bare minimum that society expects from them, an honest investigation with the intent to bring the perpetrators to justice, not facilitate their acquittal. Why is the new evidence not being investigated? What can you do?
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The handling of this case by the RCMP has far reaching implications. A similar pattern of obstruction is now being discovered in many other murder cases in which the prime suspects were also RCMP informants. 
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