I had some documents submitted in a recent court case. I made reference to information on your website. Would you be able to, or willing to verify that the information on your Shannon Murrin story was provided to you by Kathy MacDonald? Did she write the entirety of the story or did you assist in drafting it. If possible could you send me a quick reply just to make sure I have this right.


Kathy wrote the story, Dave.  She later asked me to take it down without giving me any reason why.  I declined to do this as it is my policy to stick with what I post.  There is no question that she has full copyright to the material and I would not ever try and "steal" it from her or take credit for writing it.  

We have a lot of irons in the fire right now.  I'm just updating the site.  If you need me to sign an affidavit or anything let me know.  And may the force be with you in your court battles.

All the best