Dear Mr. Ambrose,

I am writing concerning the allegations you make against Shannon Murrin on your website. Did you ever stop to think that you are defaming an innocent man? Did you ever stop to think that you are putting our lives in danger?

You bring up a ridiculous prank from thirty years ago concerning the cow. Whatever Shannon's ;involvement was he did his time and you shouldn't be inflaming people with your stories. If you want to know about the cow, ask Shannon.;

You accuse Shannon of crimes in Kelowna in 1980, 1981, and 1986. First of all, Shannon was incarcerated at Dorchester Penitentiary in New Brunswick, and secondly Shannon never set foot in British Columbia until 1994.

Punky Gustavson's case is solved and the man who murdered her and left his DNA behind confessed. When Shannon was in Edmonton he volunteered DNA on the Tremblay and Gustavson case. Edmonton police are not chasing after him because his profile does not match.

Shannon was never investigated for child sexual assaults, that is a lie Tidsbury put in his notes to bolster his non existent case against Shannon. So is the part about Shannon being the prime suspect in the Worthman/Lockyer murderes in 1995 a lie. Shannon doesn't even know these people.; If you can find information from such the child assault; investigation, bring it on, Shannon would like to know who he is accused of assaulting and who investigated it.

You could not have seen Shannon with a suitcase because he had a solid alibi from 6.55PM to the next day. The alibi was from six people who were not related to Shannon who saw him at 7PM and another half a dozen people who saw him on the back of Holmes' motorcycle searching all that night. He didn't own a suitcase. The RCMP collected suitcases from everyone he knew and excavated the Kelowna dump, they found nothing. You are the only person who says they saw someone with a suitcase near Mission Creek Park. Whoever you saw was not Shannon.

Shannon is not and has never been an informant. He would rather be called a murderer than an informant. Shannon has never received one penny from police.

As for receiving money, that is nonsense. We have lived on welfare for the past seven years. No one will give me a job. The media, you included, continutally brings up 20 year old crimes that Shannon has done time for, and alludes to further crimes. We have no peace in our lives and our home and phones have been bugged for years. The RNC used information from your website to question every single person we know here about whether Shannon tortures animals and how he acts around people's kids.

I applaud your efforts to solve the Mindy Tran case. I have been working on it for seven years now, and there are plenty of suspects. In fact, the RCMP never investigated many people who lived in the neighborhood.
If you do not take the lies off your website, we will take action. I have already written one politician about it. We agree there should be a public inquiry so that all the information concerning the case can be made public. In the meantime, if you have any questions you want to ask Shannon or I about the Mindy Tran investigation, we will be happy to help. Nothing would make me happier than to have the Mindy Tran case solved. You have the wrong guy, buddy.

Kathy MacDonald