Canadian informants
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Examples of Canadian informants:

This man confessed to having committed 43 murders in 1986, supposedly before turning police informant, and assuming a new identity under the witness protection program.

quote from serial killer index:
hey there! love the sight but have you ever heard of Yves "Apache" Trudeau? he is a Hells Angel, now under the protection of the Canadian government due to his turning in his biker cronies. In return for ratting his buddies out he recieved immunity for some 43 murders he committed, mostly for revenge and / or money. A pretty prolific killer I would say
What was Trudeau doing?
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the complete story has now been removed from CBC website. This information is rapidly disappearing from the public domain.

Cory Patterson, another admitted member of these informant/ killers, claimed that there were others like him. He was never charged, just relocated. Patterson was found dead after he informed on his police handlers and disclosed his protected informant status to a journalist. The CBC fifth Estate investigated and aired the program.
Justice Paul Hermiston couldn't believe what he was hearing. Never in his career had he heard of such a bizarre case. He was at a loss to even speculate why the RCMP would hire such a wicked man.
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Clifford Robert Olson, Canada’s most notorious serial killer, was an informant and received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the police following his arrest. He was a suspect when there was only one victim, was heavily implicated when there were three, but went on to kill eleven innocent children before the authorities finally decided to stop his killing spree. Before any of these murders began, Olson was well known to police as 'Bobo" the prison informant, a brutal serial rapist of young male inmates.
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Olson had also committed approximately eighty rapes around Vancouver without ever being apprehended!
quote-This is a fellow that committed approximately eighty rapes in Greater Vancouver. We know from undercover policewomen who were in his home when he was identified as a suspect that he actually had a map up on the wall of his apartment, his flat, and on the map he had marked up the locations of his attacks.
see pg/4- Kim Rossmo 

Quote: Since 1981, questions have been raised about the search for Canada's first known serial killer. This account shows in meticulous detail, how the investigation unfolded from the outset. It is possible that Olson might have been stopped early in his rampage, when two officers, each working separate cases, identified him as a suspect. 
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To this day, an ex police member, Kettle is continuing to be vocal about his attempts to have Olson investigated at the time. The RCMP blocked all attempts. There never was a court case.
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The murder of Leo LaChance disclosed the complicity of the Crown and the RCMP in a cover-up to benefit this killer, a known RCMP informant. Information regarding this killer's protected informant status was prohibited from being made known during the court case and even withheld from the subsequent inquiry.
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This informant was on the RCMP payroll when he killed two people. He confessed, yet no charges were ever laid. This story has now been removed from news site- www.montrealgazettemay17_2002.pdf Contact them for information as to why this has now been removed from their website.

Danny Kane was involved in many murders and was authorized to receive two million dollars from the RCMP at the time of his death. 
Serious questions are being asked as to why the RCMP looked the other way when they knew that their informant, Danny Kane, was personally involved in almost a dozen different murders.
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Recently, CTV W5 looked into another suspicious case in Kenora Ontario. A suspect was arrested and charged with murder. Years later the charge was stayed when another suspect surfaced. The other suspect, a police informant, the police investigator, his uncle! The police refuse to investigate further or to charge the cop.
see- W5 story

This dangerous RCMP agent was permitted to move right in with his next victim. There were no warnings. It took years of enduring judicial obstruction for the mother of the murder victim to find out that her son's killer was an RCMP agent.

 Licensed to kill! 
Another in a long line of RCMP informants to have been implicated in murder. Once again the following stories demonstrate the legal problems encountered by the media when attempting to inform the public about one of these RCMP protected killers.
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