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Something has gone terribly wrong with the investigation into the murder of eight year old Mindy Tran. The trail of evidence extends right up into the highest levels of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. As it now stands, this case has virtually legalized the murder of Canadian children by agents of their government.

Despite a disturbing documented pattern of dead and obstructed witnesses, the RCMP are refusing to investigate and the media is not reporting. The first witness to identify a suspect to the RCMP was found shot in the head! Another key witness became the victim of a home invasion, others disappeared, died suspiciously, or never made it to court for unknown reasons. Two RCMP members involved in this investigation were themselves reported as attempted suicides under suspicious circumstances. The only suspect in Mindy Tran's abduction was an RCMP agent, his "handler", Sgt. Tidsbury, was the lead investigator collecting the witness statements.
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RCMP Sgt. Tidsbury has acted no differently than if he were the killer's partner in this crime. He is responsible for turning what should have been an open and shut case into a series of questionable investigative actions, which resulted in the acquittal of his own agent, Shannon Murrin. Obviously Sgt. Tidsbury was following someone's orders or he would not have been able to get away with doing what he did. He won the investigator of the year award for his handling of this case. Tidsbury went on to commit perjury on the witness stand with his fellow cops providing the evidence and testimony against him. The case was blown as a result, yet no charges were laid.  
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Edited sections of Ray Ambler's Alberta RCMP investigation stated that Gary Tidsbury should have been removed from the investigation and that it was the Senior RCMP members involved who were responsible for the downfall of this case, with some even guilty of non RCMP behavior.  
RCMP Review

Despite this finding, Tidsbury’s then boss Superintendent Forbes, who should have removed him, was promoted  to the very top of the B.C. RCMP by Deputy Commissioner Busson. 
Gary Forbes
This is not the first unsolved case involving Forbes, a missing Vietnamese girl and a serial killer.
quote- from Olson's story:
On instruction from the Attorney Generals office of Alberta, Corporal G.A. Gary Forbes, R.C.M.P. officer of the general investigation section of Edmonton visited Kingston Penitentiary to see Olson. Statements were written on April 14th, 1983and signed by Olson and G.A. Forbes of the R.C.M.P. pertaining to the three murdered girls. These statements cannot be made public by Olson because of the R.C.M.P.'s ongoing investigation in this matter. It can be noted, however, that one of the victims was Oahn Ngoc Ha a 19 years old Vietnamese who was then employed at the Banff Hotel where Olson stayed.

RCMP Commissioner Zaccardelli went on to award both Busson and Forbes the order of merit in 2004 for "their exceptional level of commitment

Quote: They have demonstrated an exceptional level of commitment and contribution to policing and to their communities.
- RCMP awards presentation

This effectively ended any hopes for an RCMP initiated investigation. Sgt. Tidsbury retired, taking the heat for bungling this case while his superiors moved on up to the top rungs of the RCMP and continued to shield him and Murrin from any proper investigation.

There is new information in this case identifying an uninvestigated residence with the corroborating physical evidence still available but as of yet unsecured. This information would confirm the killer’s identify, the identity of his accomplices, and or provide additional witnesses. If Shannon Murrin were truly innocent he should be screaming for an investigation of this residence. He is not. If this investigation was blown due to the unauthorized actions of a single rogue cop or detachment, the Federal RCMP would be investigating. They are not. If this case was accidentally botched due to mistakes, the RCMP should still be investigating and collecting the unsecured physical evidence, in order to confirm what went wrong and to prevent this from ever happening again. They are not! Instead, the RCMP appear to be secretly arranging to pay off Shannon Murrin for his silence. 
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Will police pay Murrin to go away

Child molesters don't just stop on their own and a child killer is the worst of the lot. This one roams freely among us solely due to the actions of his RCMP handlers. This type of killer cannot be stopped or convicted by our present justice system as long as it is legal for the RCMP to conduct and obstruct an investigation in this manner. You would have to co-charge the investigator as an accomplice or accessory in order to get to the killer. Currently no law exists to force the Police to collect or to present all the evidence. The Police and the Crown can acquit whom ever they will, based solely on what evidence they choose to acquire or present. The defense is not likely to protest when evidence of the suspect's guilt is with held from the jury by the prosecution. If the RCMP refuse to take the steps necessary to rectify this situation on their own, at least for murdered children, we must demand change from our government.
example- Mindy's law 

There have been many calls for an inquiry into the handling of this case, including from Murrin's own lawyers, the jurors, the witnesses, the Tran family, the majority of  Kelowna's rank and file cops, members of the public, and even the B.C. Attorney General at the time of the verdict said it should be seriously considered. Several official complaints were filed against the RCMP. The only one's not calling for an inquiry are the RCMP themselves. 
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People are growing tired of waiting for answers and increasingly losing trust in the RCMP. 
quote : from- discussion board
The cops pulled a coverup on the murder of Mindy Tran (an asian girl) and the whole town knows it.

Quote from- Zaccardelli speech
The Canadian Experience: A Reason for Pride  
The simple truth is this: one of the essential components of a well-functioning civil society is an effective, well-disciplined police service, in which the citizens have implicit trust. When corruption takes hold within an organization whose very existence is based on integrity, that trust is shattered, and our entire society suffers.

Why should you care?

The precedents being set here in this case are simply too important to let stand as is and at some point could affect us all.
Whatever services Murrin has performed for the RCMP in the past is vastly outweighed by the crimes he himself is committing. Murrin does not warrant this continuing degree of protection from the RCMP unless abducting children is the service he has been providing to the RCMP.   

DNA evidence has been termed "The Finger of God pointing down". In Mindy Tran's case, "The Finger" fell into the wrong hands and points squarely back at the RCMP.  Sgt. Tidsbury ordered the DNA evidence found on Mindy's clothes to be washed away without taking any samples. Tampering with DNA evidence needs to be made strictly taboo. Anyone can be wrongly convicted or falsely acquitted by this means alone. There are many upcoming cases dependent upon DNA evidence and the handling and integrity of the DNA evidence in the data bank needs to be strictly ensured. The RCMP in Mindy's case are characterizing the documented, deliberate, destruction of DNA evidence, as a mere mistake! 
see- the DNA Evidence

The U.S. has introduced legislation which, quote, "Sets criminal penalties for willfully or maliciously destroying, altering, concealing, or tampering with DNA evidence." 
see- U.S. legislation

DNA legislation has so far been delayed and obstructed here in Canada.

The RCMP are claiming that they will support and comply with the protocols of the new public (Amber Alert) child abduction program but how can they be trusted in any other case while violating all accepted practices and continuing to conceal the first vehicle and witness reported in this case?
see- Amber Alert Protocols

It is obvious that the authorities do not want any one looking into this case, an investigation would not only confirm the identity of the killer and how he got away with murder, but would also reveal details of the inner workings of Canada's informant/agent handling division and the degree to which various Police Departments, the Canadian justice system, and even politicians and the media, are being forced into complicity. Many of the people involved in these activities, including police officers and government officials, are being promoted and placed in positions of power with the ability to affect all of our lives. Members of this group have quickly risen in political power. Successive Police departments have been taken over through the RCMP promotion process. These are some of the individuals whose actions have facilitated Murrin's acquittal and who are now hampering calls for an inquiry. If these individuals had unknowingly obstructed justice by merely following orders in the performance of their duties, they now know the results of their actions and the onus is upon them to rectify what they have done. The Nurembourg trials said that following orders was not a valid defense for the Nazi participants then, nor is it for the RCMP now. 
people responsible

Almost like a form of blackmail or extortion, Murrin has been claiming that he would have one hell of a story to tell if he went down for this crime but after he was acquitted, he never told the story and his "tell all book" has never materialized. A former B.C. judge, Chief Justice McEachern, is now representing Shannon Murrin as one of his personal attorneys and is orchestrating a pay off for Murrin and a former juror from his trial, (now Murrin's girlfriend), by way of a law suit against Murrin’s RCMP handler, the very police officer that botched the investigation ensuring Murrin's acquittal in the first place. Is any of this even remotely legal, a juror about to partake of profits derived from her jury decision to acquit a suspect who then becomes her boyfriend ? How does Murrin warrant having a former judge as one of his personal attorney's. Who is paying for Murrin's dream team of lawyers? 

Given the silence coming from Murrin, the RCMP, the Crown, and the media, and with no inquiry forthcoming, the questions will continue. Why is the B.C. Crown not obtaining the unsecured evidence in order to make a full and proper defense against Murrin's claim? Murrin's law suit was filed in 1997 and the pending trial has been used as an excuse on both sides to justify their silence ever since. Is the B.C. government merely acting out a legal charade in order to justify this continuing silence? Will there ever be a trial or has the government already entered into a confidential agreement? Why the media silence, is there a gag order on the proceedings? 

RCMP Commissioner Zaccardelli  comments on the "blue wall of silence" during a recent speech on police corruption. He states:
Quote: "And finally, we need to identify and develop strategies to deal with the most significant barrier to disclosure of corruption that exists in police organizations. The “Blue Wall of Silence” that I alluded to earlier is not only the stuff of Hollywood movies and Joseph Wambaugh novels.
Police culture enshrines confidentiality, the management of information, even secrecy. And yet these often positive qualities can lead to a breakdown in accountability and be abused for the purpose of hiding problems."
complete speech

To date, nothing has been done to prevent a similar crime and cover-up from happening again. Shannon Murrin could have been, and should have been stopped back in 1981 when Elizabeth disappeared. The RCMP prevented any investigation of Murrin then,
  and a code of silence which kept most of the public in the dark eventually resulted in the murder of Mindy Tran.
see- past events

National Security had even been cited during this trial as the reason for with-holding details of the investigation from the jury. Who had the power to implement this and why? A high level government official brought in a Federal RCMP Security team to Kelowna for a hastily convened visit immediately following Mindy's abduction.
- who

Canada, a signatory to the Johannesburg principals, has effectively thrown the most basic of children's rights completely out the window. Eight-year-old Mindy Tran was neither criminal, terrorist, nor spy. The laws on the books were written to protect her, not her killer! National Security is not applicable when children are being murdered!
see- Johannesburg Principals

Keenly aware
that some of the most serious violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms are justified by governments as necessary to protect national security;

Given the level of obstruction discovered, the RCMP must have some motive for facilitating such a horrendous crime against a victim so young at the expense of their own reputations. RCMP informant Shannon Murrin appears to have taken over from where RCMP informant Clifford Olson left off. Olson's case set the legal precedent for an informant to be paid off even when guilty of murdering children. There never was a trial for Olson but at least he was locked up afterwards and removed from society. Are we now seeing the evolution of that deal with the devil? A new precedent has been set here when the RCMP can deliberately blow the investigation into the murder of a child and obstruct the prosecution of the prime suspect who just happens to be an RCMP informant/ agent. The RCMP have virtually obtained the legal means by which to operate a secret government sanctioned murder squad within this country, under the control, direction, and protection of the confidential informant handling division. Perhaps this is what the RCMP have been secretly working towards all along and the explanation for why the Police officers involved all received promotions and awards! What's next, political assassinations? The potential for almost anything from a coup to a dictatorship looms on the horizon. That is why this case is of the utmost importance. 

There are indications that this same pattern of obstruction and promotion is now occurring in many other murder cases where the suspects were also RCMP informants. 
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Mindy is screaming a warning to all of us to stop these people before another child meets the same fate! Shannon Murrin used to walk Mindy to school. Recent reports out of Newfoundland claim that Shannon Murrin has since then even been able to obtain a job with the St. John’s school board as a bus driver, escorting a whole new crop of unsuspecting children back and forth to school. No one warned Mindy of the danger, she used to call her abductor "Uncle Shanny"! The RCMP are continuing to recklessly endanger the public by shielding this killer behind his confidential informant status. What became of the hunt for a serial killer?  
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As individuals and as a society, we all need to take a stand somewhere. Murdering children is not acceptable to the vast majority of citizens and police members alike. Even career criminals will not condone or protect a child killer. This is the point of no return for any society, the last stop on the way to complete corruption. Who will be there to stand up and protest the murder of your child should that occur any more so than how we stood up to protest the murder of this child? We are Canadian and we have been notoriously complacent. Look at what happened in Brazil where these same activities also went unchecked, they didn't stop at one victim.
see- Brazil's Missing Children 

Britain and Australia have also experienced similar cases of obstruction recently and they have been able to find solutions. 
see- British solution
Australian solution
see- Even in Iran
Officials have said they plan to prosecute members of the police and judiciary for not acting sooner to stop the killings.

A criminal profiler from the United States has sent a few general comments on this case noting that we like in the U.S. really only have recourse through public protest or by elections. 
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What can you do? 
This matter is too serious to ignore, it's time to wake up, we are the majority and we have the right to demand action. For starters, everyone needs to be alerted to what is taking place right here in Canada. Take a minute to forward this information to your contacts and all relevant organizations. Create links to the evidence, write letters, send emails, call and petition your law enforcement personal, media representatives, and elected officials. Talk about it, write about it, initiate whatever actions you can independently in accordance with your own personal position. Make requests for the RCMP to either open a new and unbiased investigation of Mindy Tran's murder by an honest and competent investigator or face a full blown public inquiry. The time has come for The New Law and Order Government of Canada to show it's colors. Ask your representatives where they stand. Ask if they would be as satisfied with this investigation if it had been their child murdered by an RCMP agent and the DNA evidence washed away by his RCMP handlers. Would they still be so satisfied with allowing the RCMP to investigate themselves when the RCMP then found no evidence of wrong doing in the death of their child?  If that wasn't bad enough, the Government is now on the verge of using our tax money to secretly pay off this child killer in exchange for his silence. Our silence will make us all complicit!!. 
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If ever a case warranted an inquiry this is it. The information contained here is being left as a record for that day. Save a copy. Send suggestions. Thank you for your support.

'All that it takes for the triumph of evil is that good men and women do nothing.' Edmund Burke