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A child killer is a rare bird in Canada and once one is identified he needs to have his past whereabouts and activities scrutinized.
In light of the Police obstruction and evidence destruction, discovered in the Mindy Tran case, all other cases in which Murrin was a suspect, need to be watched closely. These are some of the other crimes that Shannon Murrin has been implicated in or suspected of: 

1976- Newfoundland Animal mutilation. Sources in Newfoundland claim that Murrin had been convicted for horribly mutilating a cow in a church yard and then leaving her there to slowly bleed to death. A Newfoundland prison warder reported that Shannon Murrin had completed a taxidermy course while in prison and then roamed the streets looking for road kill to experiment with upon his release. According to behavioral profilers, these activities are how many serial killers began.
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1980- Kelowna rapist: A serial rapist was on the loose, another step towards murder. Murrin was secretly operating as an informant for the RCMP in Kelowna at the time. Sources claim that the Newfoundland police have privately confirmed that Murrin was in B.C. at this time. Very little evidence was left behind to prove Murrin's presence, except a sketch of the suspect circulated at the time. The sketch of the rapist closely matches Murrin's appearance at the time.
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March 1981 disappearance of "Elizabeth" of Campbell River: There were several  witnesses at the time who knew Shannon Murrin and saw him leave with Elizabeth. She has never been seen since. Murrin disappeared from Kelowna shortly afterwards. Police forced witnesses to shutup!
see past events

December 1981- murder of Dana Bradley in Newfoundland following Murrin's sudden departure from Kelowna in the fall of 1981. Murrin left Kelowna claiming to have gone home to Newfoundland for Christmas in late fall of 1980.  Murrin claimed he was moving to his sisters in Edmonton In the fall of 1981 following the disappearance of Elizabeth. Did he also go home for Christmas that year? The description of Dana's killer matches Murrin. A member of the Newfoundland Constabulary purportedly admitted that Murrin is the prime suspect. 
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CTV story 
Description of Dana's killer  
Description of a person of interest in the Mindy Tran murder.    
Compare the sketch of the 1980 Kelowna rapist with the sketch of Dana's killer

Updates- 25years later

There are several other girls who also went missing from the St. John's area, all disappearing around Christmas time.  Was a serial killer returning home for Christmas year after year? 
1978- Dec.29 - Sharon Drover 
1981- Dec.18 -  Dana Bradley
1982- Dec.10 - Henrietta Mille
1984- Nov.12 - Pamela Asprey

Kelowna mid eighties- bank robbery and a reported three others. Former associates claim that Murrin was involved in a series of bank robberies. He was supposedly caught and arrested for this one.

Halifax 1989-
Murrin has recently been named by a tipster in another case involving a murdered girl.

see- Kimberly McAndrew

Murrin resurfaces again in reports from Edmonton where he was staying in a half way house. These crimes followed.

1992- kidnapping and murder of Corrine "Punky" Gustavson: 
For years Shannon Murrin was investigated as a suspect in this murder. One of the few details released about the suspect in "Punky's" murder was that he wore a size six men's shoe. Murrin is known to have very small feet and he was in Edmonton at the time. (out on day parole)
see- original news report of the size six shoe
Mathew Sleigh, was arrested and convicted of the crime a decade later. More questions arose about the handling of this case as the details leaked out. Sleigh confessed to everything right up to the point where he would have to fit the size six shoe in order for his confession to match the evidence. There his story deviates and reports later surfaced claiming the shoe evidence did not match. Was another suspect involved?
see- tracking the size six
see- the strange DNA results-  Updates:

Edmonton 1992: sexual assaults: Murrin is the prime suspect in several other Edmonton sexual assaults. The Kelowna RCMP have taken possession of the DNA evidence from the Alberta cases even though they are known to have tampered with and destroyed the DNA evidence from Mindy Tran's case. No charges were ever laid in the Edmonton assaults and no explanation was provided for what happened to the DNA evidence.
see- Kelowna obtains DNA from Edmonton case

Edmonton 1992. Another child abduction and the attempted murder of a 3/1/2 year old girl.  
see- story
Abduction and Attempted Murder of Mandy Tremblay
On the evening of 1992 May 26, Mandy Tremblay (3 1/2 years) was abducted from the area of her home at Village Acres (129 Avenue and 67 Street, Edmonton). Mandy was found the next day at 1400 hours in a farmer's field near 188 Avenue and 17 Street, Edmonton. Physical evidence suggests that she was strangled and left for dead.To date, approximately 300 tips have been received, none of which have led to the arrest of the person(s) responsible.A reward of $40,000 is available for information leading to the apprehension and conviction of the person(s) responsible for this crime.

1993- Murrin briefly returns to Newfoundland where these murders occur.

There is a 50,000.00 reward offered for information in the disappearance of Worthman Lockyer.
see- reward
Two bodies have recently been discovered  in a wooded area directly behind Murrin's family home. 
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The Newfoundland RCMP list Murrin as the prime suspect in several other murders and assaults on children. 
See Tidsbury's notes.

Murrin resurfaces back in the Okanagan Valley B.C. again where these crimes followed.

1993 murder of Jennifer Cusworth. Murrin moved back to Kelowna just before Jennifer was murdered. Sources claim that Jennifer had been associating with a woman who was involved in drugs and was said to be a known associate of Murrin's. Jenn was seen at this woman's residence. This woman was found dead just shortly before Jenn herself was found murdered. Sources claim that Murrin was staying at a residence located only one block away from where Jennifer was last seen alive. The map shows how close Murrin was supposedly staying to where Jennifer was last seen. The rooming house at 911 Borden had a small upper room with a private entrance. Over one hundred and eighty people who had attended the same party as Jennifer submitted their DNA for testing in this case. Has Murrin's DNA been compared? 
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see- map and photo of the residence where Murrin was staying.
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Finally an arrest!
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1994 break and enter and theft of numerous weapons from a Rutland gun shop. It was disclosed that Murrin had robbed a Rutland gun shop several weeks prior to the abduction of Mindy Tran. The person who disclosed this information was fencing these weapons for Murrin but disappeared from Kelowna shortly after Mindy's abduction. During an interview Murrin admitted to be selling weapons at the time of Mindy's abduction.
see- story

1994 kidnapping and murder of Mindy Tran:
This investigation became part of a huge serial killer investigation involving police agencies from all over western Canada. There were more than enough witnesses and the evidence was available for the RCMP to solve this murder. After finding the perpetrator, the RCMP obstructed the investigation to the point where the suspect had to be acquitted due to the actions of the RCMP. The RCMP have not yet even obtained or secured the evidence that is still available. The serial killer investigation appears to have been terminated!
see the  serial killer investigation
However, tracing the crime locations reveals a possible itinerary beginning in Victoria for
the first abduction, sweeping northeast to Edmonton for two murders, moving back to B.C. for an abduction in Kamloops followed by four murders in the Okanagan.
Along with Mindy Tran, the grisly list of victims includes:

* Michael Dunahee, 4, abducted from a Victoria playground on March
24, 1991, while his parents were playing touch football. He has never
been found.
* Corrine (Punky) Gustavson, 6, abducted outside her Edmonton home
on September 6, 1992. Her body was located two days later in a truck
yard in southeast Edmonton. She had been sexually assaulted.
* Mandy Tremblay, 3, abducted in May of 1992 outside her Edmonton
home. Her body was found 19 hours later in a farmer's field. She had
been strangled.
* Sherri McLaughlin, 21, disappeared in the early hours of
September 19, 1993, while riding her bicycle in Kamloops. Her body has
never been found.
* Jennifer Cusworth, 19, found dead on October 17, 1993, in a
ditch beside a Kelowna home.
* Jamie Dawn Vanwieren, 17, disappeared last July 22 in Vernon.
Her semi-nude body was found the next day in Vernon Creek. Police
believe her drowning was a murder.
* Tina Louise Parr, 25, whose partially nude body was found
September 26 in Kelowna. She had been strangled.

Given the number of victims attributed to Murrin, with several disappearing right after last being seen with him, or their bodies found virtually in his back yard, the odds of this being entirely co-incidental are slim. Murrin claimed that he was writing a tell all book. This would have confirmed his where-a bouts at the times of the crimes that he has been implicated in. Apparently this book was just a ruse so that the public would believe that they were eventually going to hear the real story from an honest and innocent person. No such luck. Almost a decade later and counting, why the silence, where is the book? This is serving as a delaying tactic while public outrage subsides. Murrin was on parole for most of the time while he operated as an informant for the RCMP. He would be required to check in, there would be records and there fore his activities and where a bouts are verifiable within the RCMP.  Why has this not warranted a geographic profiling investigation? The RCMP have a new geographic computer profiling system and the evidence easily demonstrates a similar pattern of travel.  What happened to the RCMP's Behavioral Profilers. Maybe someone should file a missing person report. Murrin's crimes continue. 
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