To Kathy MacDonald
Re: your e-mail


I have always said and it is posted on the website, quote “If you have any additional information or evidence to either confirm or dispute what is published here, please submit it and this site will be updated accordingly.” The same applies to you; by all means if you have evidence of any other suspects, I would gladly look at and pursue that evidence with equal veracity.


My only goal all along has been to find Mindy Tran’s killer and the evidence to prove it. If you are in possession of evidence that would exonerate Mr. Murrin and you can identify another suspect, I assure you that I would pursue any viable leads to the fullest of my ability. If there is credible evidence of another suspect, I would make that evidence equally well known and revise the entire website accordingly.


To date I have pursued all of the leads that were available to myself. All of the evidence both direct and indirect leads back to Mr. Murrin. The RCMP have provided the majority of this evidence and are still publicly claiming that Mr. Murrin is the guilty party. I have waited patiently for an inquiry, for Mr. Murrin’s civil lawsuit, for Mr. Murrin’s book, or for the RCMP to release a full report, none of which appears to be forthcoming. The investigation dead ends on your doorstep.

Withholding evidence of any other suspects is only serving to perpetuate the current suspicions and is obstructing and delaying any proper investigation. If you are in possession of that type of evidence, I would urge you to send me all of the information that you have.

If you and Mr. Murrin would support a request for an official inquiry, agree to participate in a public inquiry, and send me the following documentation, I would immediately remove many of the documents currently running on the website and replace them with a brief explanation for the change until such time as the new information has been reviewed and investigated. If Mr. Murrin is truly innocent as he has stated, your information could go a long ways both in finding the real killer and clearing Mr. Murrin’s name.


According to the information that you make mention of; please provide me the following:

1)     A full accounting of Mr. Murrin’s where-abouts from Jan/ 1976 – Jan/1995, town by  town, and year by year. Include added detail for the years 1992 -1995

2)     Years of incarceration and in which facility.

3)      Full accounting of Mr. Murrin’s activities from 12 AM Aug 17th to !2 PM Aug 17/1994

4)     Names of witnesses who report seeing Mr. Murrin on the back of Holmes motorcycle on the night of Aug/ 17/ 94, include where and when.

5)     Copy of yours’ or Mr. Murrin’s  attorney’s previous official request for an inquiry, and whatever responses you received.

6)     Copy of the information received from your freedom of information request, in particular all information in regard to the first few days of the investigation.

7)     All evidence and information in regard to the other suspects.

8)     All evidence of suspicious vehicles reported in the area at the time.

9)     Any additional evidence that you feel may be helpful.


If you would care to send, I would also review any portions of your books pertaining to this subject.


D. Ambrose