Murrins story
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Kathy MacDonald
has been privy to information obtained by Murrin from the freedom of information commission. It was at first assumed that most of the factual details of her account of the trial were fairly accurate. She rightly points out the RCMP misconduct but concludes that  these actions must have been done to frame Murrin due to lack of any real evidence. She seems to be unaware that Murrin was Tidsbury's informant and therefore the motive for these RCMP actions could have been to gain Murrin's acquittal as was the result. 

Following Murrin's acquittal, the following reports aired questioning Murrin's innocence and Kathy MacDonald's integrity and dedication as a juror. These unflattering portrayals provided the motive for Macdonald to try to find evidence which she thought would prove Murrin's innocence. She wrote and published Murrin's story, likely unaware that a great deal of evidence which could have confirmed Murrin's guilt had been with held from the jury. Her's is a well crafted tale transforming Murrin from a monstrous child killer into the lovable falsely accused rogue.




  This is Murrin's alibi and his account of what took place, written by Kathy MacDonald.
View: Murrin's Injustice Buster site.
Afterwards, following the publishing of this site, Murrin's girlfriend Kathy MacDonald, contacted the internet publisher of their story asking for it to removed from the website.
see- copy of e-mail confirmation

Kathy MacDonald had unknowingly provided proof of Murrin's guilt by naming Murrin's main alibi witnesses. She herself calls them credible. She seems to be unaware that Murrin had been identified as the suspect carrying the suitcase by people who knew him. She names these people as Murrin's main alibi witnesses but fails to mention that they also testified that Murrin was carrying a suitcase with him on that night.
 Quote"There was still no evidence against Shannon Murrin except the alleged Confession Letter. Shannon still had alibi from Alfred Nelson, Charles Olivier, and Richard Billings" 

These people knew Murrin and had no doubt about who it was they saw. MacDonald completely avoids mentioning this fact in her account as she attempts to exonerate Murrin. This information is found in the following court document.

It is questioned whether the original testimony from these witnesses had even been made known to the jury during the trial, and if it was, why MacDonald has now omitted this important detail from her account. These witnesses  had definitely testified to seeing Murrin with a suitcase in  earlier testimony.
see quote from court document-

In her zeal to demonstrate her new boyfriend's innocence, Kathy MacDonald diligently searched through freedom of information reports and found reports of an undisclosed suspicious vehicle being seen in the area of Mindy's abduction. So, in another bizarre twist of fate, MacDonald believing that she had found the evidence of another murder suspect being concealed by the RCMP, then published the evidence. What she did not know was that there was a person who had been claiming all along that he was a witness and that reports of his vehicle were missing and being concealed. 
see- the freedom of information vehicle report

quote from freedom of information report: Forty-five minutes after Mindy disappeared police received an anonymous call about a man in a vehicle cruising around Mindy's neighborhood trying to entice children with candy. Unfortunately the license number was written down wrong and it wasn't until days later that police realized they had the wrong license number.

The suspect seen carrying the suitcase is suspected of making this anonymous call in order to divert suspicion away from himself and onto the witness whom he knew had followed him.
The caller attempted to implicate the driver of this vehicle as a suspect in Mindy's abduction. The person seen carrying the suitcase knew that this vehicle had just followed him to his destination! The driver of this vehicle believes that it was Murrin with the suitcase.
see witness statement

Murrin is still attempting to allege that the driver of this vehicle should be investigated as a murder suspect. The driver has identified himself, provided an explanation for his presence, has irrefutable proof that he could not be the killer, is requesting to be "officially" recognized as a witness, and, for the RCMP to investigate the new information provided in regard to the "undisclosed residence" where the suitcase carrying suspect returned to.  
see- new witness