Jennifer Cusworth Updates:

An arrest has been made! Details will be coming out soon. The perp will not likely be Shannon Murrin but it will be very interesting to see how this plays out. 

Jennifer is the third cold case to be solved with an arrest made out of the cases in which Shannon Murrin has been named as a suspect. In one of the others, a witness named Murrin as the killer but went to jail for the crime himself despite Murrin being named as the shooter in an agreed upon statement of fact issued by the Crown. In the other, the shoe size left at the crime scene did not match the man eventually convicted. 

New DNA and a slew of other information on how this arrest has transpired after so long has yet to be revealed..


A suspect has been identified and charged. Few details are being released.

I suspect the right person has been charged. I don't think the Kelowna Police would risk anything less after Mindy Tran in another high profile case like this in the same town. The timing played out well for Shannon Murrin though with his lawsuit against the police about to go to trial in January. 

Hopefully they have the right guy here and the Cusworth's will have some closure now. For further updates and comments on the Cusworth case go to: