Dear Mr. Ambrose,


I have been reading more of your extensive website and I see that you are making an effort to get a public inquiry.


Two more things:

Your timeline: It is all wrong. For starters According to Mimi Tran, Mindy was eating dinner at home at 6.30PM. The suitcase witnesses at the school playground saw the suitcase person between 6 and 6.30PM. The last person to see Mindy--Ryan Campbell--saw her alive at around 6:50PM.


Only two suitcase witnesses identified Shannon Murrin in court. They did so at the Preliminary Hearing in 1998. Prior to that they had both completed ballots where they did not identify Shannon; After several visits from Tidsbury and after Shannon had been on TV many times they changed their statements; These two witnesses were not close to Mission Creek Park and were supposedly the empty suitcase witnesses. They did not see the suitcase man going towards Mission Creek Park.


Again, you could not have seen Shannon with a suitcase because he was on the back of Bob Holmes motorcycle from around 8.15 to 1:00 AM. Bob Holmes states this himself in his December 29,1994 statement; As I said previously several other people saw him: Richard Billings, Alfred Nelson, Ellie Holmes, C.J. Oliver, Stephanie Mugford, Brymer Mugford, Beverly Eaton etc.


In fact, there was no suitcase involved in the murder. The timeline does not add up. Richard Billings says he saw Shannon with a suitcase at trial. In his first statement he said he saw Shannon at 7PM and that Shannon was with Bob Holmes all evening.


None of the witnesses identified a suitcase that would have been big enough. Most victims in regular suitcases are chopped up. The whole theory is ludicrous and made up by Tidsbury because Shannon did not own a vehicle. Unfortunately for Tidsbury, Shannon didn't own a suitcase either. Tidsbury asked about 50 people that question, he seized many suitcases, and he excavated the Kelowna dump. He never found a suitcase.


About the DNA. How can three hairs that did not match Shannon or each other end up in England with all three matching Shannon. Unfortunately for Shannon the RCMP didn't even photograph these three original hairs, and it was not clear during the trial where exactly they came from. There is only one possible answer.


There are many more compelling suspects than Shannon and many more errors that you have made. I suggest you get a trial transcript.


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