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Details of the Worthman Lockyer Murder Investigation: 

This case will become very interesting, watch the details closely! 
Is Shannon Murrin now the RNC's informant? Is Shannon Murrin about to become the Crown's star witness? Is Shannon Murrin officially under Police protection now? Will this qualify Shannon Murrin for the witness protection program? Stay tuned!

August 21, 2006
Police Identify Remains
Police have confirmed the two bodies found in a wooded area off Thorburn Road more than a month ago are those of Dale Worthman and Kimberly Lockyer.  RNC Chief Joe Browne and the province's Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Simon Avis also confirmed that they died of gun shot wounds.  Avis says the area in which they were buried allowed a certain amount of preservation of the remains.  He says other foreign material was also found at the site,  but didn't say what. Chief Browne is appealing to the public for more information on what is now a double homicide.  Browne says the Constabulary is still offering a 50 thousand dollar reward.  An investigative hotline has been set up and the number of 729-8814.  There is also an e-mail address

The top cops from all over Canada descended upon Newfoundland for a conference following this discovery. All of these cops are well aware of the allegations against Murrin and his past as an  RCMP informant . Among those in attendance-
quote: One person who knows about this is in St. John's now attending the Chiefs of Police conference. Superintendent E.K.McCall is the RCMP officer in charge of the National Child Exploitation Co-ordination Centre in Ottawa.
Item # 4: 
As you just heard in the news, the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary is holding a news conference now to tell more about the case.
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From the 1999 Mindy Tran RCMP investigation notes-
In Book 7 of Tidsbury's notes Shepherd advised Tidsbury that Shannon was a bad character and that Shannon had filed a complaint against the RCMP in Newfoundland.
Book 12 of the notes contains the following notes concerning a conversation with Jason Shepherd:

advised he was phoning to advise me he Murrin was prime suspect in double murder - Workman and female
Murrin also suspect in 4 or 5 children sexual assaults

Shannon Murrin's girlfriend Kathy MacDonald submitted the evidence running on the injusticebusters.com  website which named Shannon Murrin as the prime suspect in the Worthman Lockyer murders at a time prior to the discovery of their bodies. Kathy MacDonald later asked Sheila Steele the website administrator to remove the story from the internet. Sheila refused. 
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Sheila Steele was asked by this website to confirm the source of the story running on her site. She did in an e-mail which was published here on Oct 15/06. An Affidavit was to follow, it would never make it.
see- copy of e-mail confirmation

Sheila died suddenly and unexpectedly less than a month later.
see- www.injusticebusters.com

A member of the Mindy Tran prosecution team claimed that Murrin had been trying to have his charges dropped at the time by offering police information on other murders including these. The prosecutor claimed that they were not told that Murrin had a past history as a police informant/ agent.
Note : A lawyer was in attendance for conversation.

Just how far does Murrin's protected informant status go? Why is there no public mention of the prime suspect in the Newfoundland murders? Hopefully this will not become a re-run of the Mindy Tran fiasco and hopefully there has been a high level change in the informant handling policy since then. This case, like all others involving Shannon Murrin, will need to be watched closely. 
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The Newfoundland Police at first claimed that they were awaiting the autopsy and forensic results before naming the two victims. A strangely suggestive news headline coincided with several delays while key personal were being selected to " handle " the case. 
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The Police and media claim that few details are being released, but tidbits are being leaked out and public perceptions are being shaped. The impression that there is not quite enough evidence to arrest Murrin is being fostered. 
see- Police are releasing few details.


The longer this case drags on with no arrest, the less likely it is that there will ever be an arrest. This is how most of the cases against Murrin begin. There was enough evidence back in 1997 to name Murrin as the prime suspect then, and there is likely a lot more evidence now with the discovery of the bodies. 
quote from story:
Since the discovery of the bones on July 16, tips have been pouring in from the public, Layden said. A team of investigators is now following up on all those leads.

See another strange connection, an RCMP drug informant, wire taps on witnesses, Worthman and Lockyer named, what was going on here! Are these wire taps being placed on all witnesses to Murrin's murders?
see-  2004\ Newfoundland story
now removed from website

see- sound familiar Kelowna?

In Mindy Tran's case, evidence and witnesses disappeared while delay's were ongoing. The undercovers from the Kelowna RCMP were implicated in "blowing" that case. A major rift developed in the Kelowna RCMP as a result. Those protecting Murrin won out! How does an organization in which it's members must follow orders, stop this from occurring when the orders to do so come from above? Can the rank and file arrest their superiors for abuse of power or for obstructing justice? 
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Another suggestive news headline, "Publication ban sought in Newfoundland double murder case". The article is supposedly speaking of another case, however a real gag order would prohibit this article from being published in this manner. This article names that which is supposedly prohibited and where to find it. It is suspicious and may actually be a "veiled" reference to another double murder case in Newfoundland. (Note- this would be highly unusual but it is also the type of thing previously found in other cases involving Murrin.)
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When a publication ban is placed In Canada,  in some cases the media cannot  report the reasons why or even inform the public that there is such a ban. 
In other words, in some cases the media are not allowed to report which case in which place on which subject they are not allowed to report. Columnist Rick Salutin referred to the "mini-epidemic" of publication bans as "banomania" (G&M, 10 December 1993, A13).
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Dec 3/06
Person involved in Worthman Lockyer investigation receives death threats! In the message below, the procedure behind this is shown. Due to this being an open investigation, details known only to witnesses are not to be made known. The witness or persons knowing the information are instructed not to talk under threat of charges- "interfering in a police investigation".  This is an understandable and valid reason except in these types of situations, the witness in effect has informed on a protected police informant. No one then knows who the witness is except the police. This is what happened in the Mindy Tran case where certain key witness's who had also informed on this same guy were then found dead for no apparent reason. (witness stories).
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Something has changed dramatically, the witness receiving the threats is now praising the investigating Police officer and nominating him for the investigator of the year award. 
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Jan/12/07 The reason for why the cop was being praised only became evident sometime later. Progress was being made.
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RNC have made an arrest in connection with the 1993 murders of Kimberly Ann Lockyer and Dale Worthman. A 37 year old man from Portugal Cove-St. Philips was arrested and will appear in court tomorrow on two charges of second degree murder.  Police called a news conference this evening to make the announcement.  Worthman and Lockyer disappeared more than 13 years ago and in August of last year after a ground search off Thorburn Road,  two sets of remains were found.  An autopsy determined the pair had been shot.

Will this qualify Shannon Murrin for the witness protection program? Will this justify placing additional media gag orders on the other unsolved cases like that of Dana Bradley? Stay tuned!
Jan 14/ 07
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A strange twist has emerged in the case of a St. John's-area double-homicide, with the revelation that woman working as a psychic played a part in the investigation.
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Global News Jan/ 16 /07 Kelowna B.C. 6:00 PM.
News footage- Murrin claims that he is being set up for a murder charge.
Kelowna news
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Jan/ 17/07
Once sgain,
Murrin claims that he is being framed just like in the Mindy Tran case.  He claims not to know anything about these murders.
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May 16/ 07
Note the difference in the legal assistance offered to Shannon Murrin compared to that offered Joe Oliver for the Worthman Murder. These articles have disappeared and the newspaper that published them shutdown.


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The latest news has Murrin suing the government  and the press over the handling of the Lockyer Worthman murders..

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