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MINDY TRAN (8) - Murdered
SHANNON MURRIN - Accused murderer
B.C. Supreme Court judge begins charge to jury as lengthy first-degree murder trial of Shannon Murrin gets set to go to jury (Vancouver Sun )
Evidence from witnesses on the whereabouts of accused murderer Shannon Murrin on the night Mindy Tran disappeared is crucial to whether the jury finds him guilty or not, a B.C. Supreme Court judge said Monday.

Mindy Tran's witnesses

Randle Redl. This is an extremely suspicious death. Mr. Redl was the first person to call and report to the RCMP, details about a suspicious man carrying a suitcase on the night of Mindy's abduction. He may have been the most important witness in this case. He was found dead in a Kelowna park, shot in the head, At the same time in another Kelowna park, Shannon Murrin was being beaten and arrested. Mr. Redl likely would have identified Shannon Murrin as the murder suspect he had seen. Other witnesses, some who had even known Murrin, claim that it was Murrin with the suitcase. The RCMP have classified Randel Redl's death as suicide. His associates claim that this is completely out of character, Randel was a well respected reputable person, a Real Estate agent, had many friends, was engaged soon to be married, no incidents of depression, and everything to live for. He had no reason to commit suicide. Mr. Redl appears to have been instructed by the RCMP not to speak of what he had seen. So at the time of his death, very few people knew that Mr. Redl was about to become a witness in Mindy Tran's murder, and no-one knew that the suspect he was about to identify was an RCMP agent. There fore no motive was known at the time to indicate any thing other than a possible suicide. Shannon Murrin's RCMP handler was the lead investigator of Mindy's murder. Redll had given his statement directly to the lead investigator. The death of Randel Redl was then investigated by this same investigator, Murrin's handler. This case needs to be reinvestigated as murder! What did Randel see, where and when? What did he tell Police and why was this statement never presented in court? Statements given to the police by another dead witness were allowed in court, why not this one. Had Mr. Redl also reported seeing the jeep that was following the suspect at the same time, the jeep that has since been covered up also? 
Deceased Jan/1995 -Classified as Suicide  

Miss J. 1994- Told a reporter from the Daily Courier that she had witnessed a person whom she believed to be Shannon Murrin carrying a suitcase past her home on the night of the abduction. 
Miss J. later became a missing person herself for several weeks, after which there is no record of her having testified in court.   

Christmas 1994-   CHBC had aired a news segment during the fall of 1994 questioning why a suspect had not yet been arrested. The story as aired, asked whether this had to do with the fact that the prime suspect was an RCMP informant. Shannon Murrin was arrested shortly after Christmas with no public mention of him being the afore mentioned informant. The media never mentioned Murrin's informant status again.
deceased 1994
- CHBC television news manager- apparent suicide

Mr. Hunt-
: The person that Murrin visited at midnight Aug/17th 94 reported that Murrin was attempting to sell and transfer a station wagon into his name. Murrin wanted to predate the transfer sales form.
Deceased 1994 - This witness apparently died of a pre-existing medical problem, shortly afterwards. 

Brett C: Murrin's former bank robbery partner and known associate during 1994. This man would have known intimate details of Shannon Murrin's past and present activities. His associates completely suspect foul play.
Deceased 1997- apparent overdose 

Bert - Associate of Brett C. He had unknowingly driven into the Tran's neighborhood the day after Mindy's abduction driving a vehicle similar to the one being sought then but now being covered up. He and his vehicle were video taped on that day and shown on CHBC news.
1997- Guts blown out in a workplace accident, his first day on a new job . Survived- 
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Mrs. X-
This woman had called police and informed them that her son and friends had been chased out of a Kelowna park by unknown persons the day before Mindy's body was "officially" discovered in the same park.
Deceased 1997- apparently a vein was accidental cut and she bled to death.

Alfred Nielsen: One of Murrin's friends and main alibi witnesses.
Deceased 1997- cause of death unknown - 

RCMP Const. Severson testified in place of Nielsen.
2000-  Attempted suicide. 
 On April 7, 2000 Chuck Poulson editor of the Kelowna Courier wrote about the attempted suicide of Corporal Seversen. Seversen had left a note and later confessed to Staff Sergeant Callens that he had committed criminal acts for Tidsbury. Staff Sergeant Callens told Victoria Police, who had been commissioned to investigate allegations made by defense in their request for a public enquiry. Seversen was invited back to work when he recovered. The Victoria report was never made available to the public.

Dave Ambrose
; A key witness from the night of Aug 17th/94. Had secretly followed the murder suspect back to a location apparently unknown to or being kept secret by the RCMP.
Jan /8/99
- Attacked during a home invasion-  his life threatened by people claiming to be the RCMP, the ensuing RCMP investigation botched! 
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RCMP Cpl. Colin Johnston: This person washed  the DNA from Mindy's clothes under orders from Sgt. Tidsbury.
2000-Reported as attempted suicide- Information Supplied by private investigator.

Rob Holmes: Potentially the most important witnesses for the crown against Murrin. Lured into committing an assault on Murrin by Sgt. Tidsbury . 
Then- charged with assault along with co-accused- and called liars by Tidsbury in court.
Holmes- now charged in a civil suit by Murrin along with Sgt. Tidsbury and the RCMP for the assault. Standard witness development procedure?

Three unknown males seen in the company of the prime suspect on the night of Mindy's abduction. 
see- never heard from

Don M.:
This person was one of many charged with drug offences resulting from a drug investigation code named project endocrine. He was living in the Tran neighborhood at the time of the abduction, witnessed a person carrying a suitcase on the night of the abduction, identified him as Shannon Murrin, and gave a statement to the Police. He then becomes the subject of a wire tap, and years of RCMP surveillance. Standard RCMP witness development?
see-project endocrine

Pat Roberts:
Pat Roberts also charged by Project Endocrine. His lawyer asked for disclosure in regard to the Mindy Tran investigation, suspect "B", and the home invasion at the Ambrose residence. 
This is what happened to Roberts afterwards. 
see- Paddy Roberts Story:

2005- Mr. Roberts lawyer- 
- found dead of an apparent suicide and the charges against Roberts were subsequently stayed.

2005- Kari R:-
Deceased One of the perpetrators of the home invasion at the Ambrose residence. Was about to disclose the identity of her fellow perpetrators before a judge. Killed by an apparent drug overdose one week prior to her scheduled court date. Associates suspect foul play.
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