Missing Couple Mentioned In Drug Case
February 18, 2004

At Supreme Court in St. Johnís this week a judge is hearing arguments in the case of seven people charged with conspiring to traffic in narcotics. Itís a case the defence wants thrown out before it ever gets to trial. Lawyers for some of the defendants say the RCMP didnít give judges all the pertinent information when seeking search warrants and wiretaps. They also say some of the requests for the judgeís approval was based on an unreliable police informant. According to Averill Baker that informantís unreliability is highlighted by a claim that they had information regarding the much talked about 1993 disappearance of Dale Worthman and Kimberly Lockyer. RNC spokesperson June Layden says police believe the couple is both dead given the length of time they have been missing without a trace.
Meanwhile, lawyers are hoping that the information gained from the wiretaps and the warrants will be thrown out as evidence arguing the information was obtained by breaching their clientís rights. If the wiretaps and the search warrants arenít allowed before a trial judge to considerÖ since no drugs were ever confiscated in this caseÖ the prosecution wonít be left with much evidence.