Search for killer continues

Search for killer continues

Jennifer Cusworth

Jean and Terry Cusworth refuse to give up the search for their daughterís killer, making yet another pilgrimage to Kelowna this week to raise awareness.

As each year passes since the murder of their daughter Jennifer, Jean and Terry Cusworth seem to be more and more confident the killer will be found.

For each of the past four years, the Cusworths have returned to Kelowna from their home in Burns Lake to speak to the community where Jennifer died and where the killer may still be living.

Last year was the 10th anniversary of Cusworthís murder and her family and friends held a special celebration of life on Swamp Road where her body was found.

Cusworth was at a very late night party at 1791 Richter St. on Oct. 19, 1993.

Estimates put as many as 300 people through the house that night.

Of the 180 men there, all but seven have volunteered their DNA for testing and been cleared.

That party was the last place police are certain Jennifer was seen alive.

She left her purse at the party and began to walk home at some point.

A cab driver told police he saw a woman that night and asked if she wanted a ride but she refused.

Police say it was likely Jennifer but canít say for certain.

Itís conceivable she would have refused the ride because a friend had had an altercation with a cab driver the previous week and she may have been afraid.

Her body was found the following day in a ditch on Swamp Road.

Cpl. Dean Filipchuk, who leads the investigation, has described cold cases as like a big jigsaw puzzle with pieces scattered among hundreds of people.

Police have collected a bunch of the little pieces but donít yet have a complete picture. Any piece someone might have may make all the difference.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police.

   Murrin was reported to be staying at a residence one block from where Jennifer was last seen at a party. This is a very short distance away.
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 The address of the residence is 911 Borden. This was a rooming house with several entrances, some private.
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