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AUG./ 17/ 94 – I was the driver of a Jeep Cherokee that was in the Tran’s neighborhood on that evening and I was seen by the suspected killer and other witnesses. There was only one person who knew that the driver of this jeep could lead to identifying the person who had carried the suitcase into the park where Mindy's body was found. The person carrying the suitcase knew that he had been seen and followed to his destination.  

Aug./ 18/ 94 - A rough sketch of a jeep began circulating the Tran neighborhood and was briefly shown on the evening news.  The suspicion that an older four wheel drive station wagon type vehicle was involved grew all day Thursday /18th, the first day of the investigation, and began to leak out to the public. The first sketches were drawn and circulated around the neighborhood. They were shown briefly on the evening news and in a Kelowna area newspaper near this time. All newspaper records of this vehicle are now missing from newspaper archives. A flyer has now been circulated and a reward offered for information or an original copy of this missing news story.
reward offer
jeep photo

The first few days of the Tran investigation best demonstrate the start of an emerging pattern. News reports suggested that several vehicles were seen and reported on the night of Mindy's abduction. The police asked reporters not to report the description of this first suspicious vehicle.
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A freedom of information request made by Murrin and his juror/girlfriend, obtained a confirming  report of the first suspicious vehicle. Shannon Murrin's girlfriend immediately jumped on this report as evidence of another possible suspect in the crime. Her complete story is at  What she does not know is that this vehicle was following the person seen carrying the suitcase and it was the person with the suitcase that had read the license number on this vehicle. Therefore the person who was carrying the suitcase, also identified by others as being Shannon Murrin, is suspected of calling in this report. The nature of this vehicle report is extremely suspicious. First it is called in anonymously. Then it attempts to place suspicion on the driver of this vehicle as a suspect in Mindy's abduction. The report claims that the RCMP spent days looking for this vehicle before realizing that they had the wrong plate number. These first few days correspond with the time frame that the sketches of a jeep were being shown and circulated. There is suspiciously no vehicle description provided in this report when obviously there was a description as someone was close enough to get a license number. The following is the vehicle report obtained by a freedom of information request and placed by Kathy MacDonald on Murrin's injustice buster site. 

Forty-five minutes after Mindy disappeared police received an anonymous call about a man in a vehicle cruising around Mindy’s neighborhood trying to entice children with candy. Unfortunately the license number was written down wrong and it wasn’t until days later that police realized they had the wrong license number.

  Aug./ 19/ 94 – Then two of the most telling pieces of evidence were brought into play at the same time on this day. The first was finding a jeep cherokee matching the description of the first vehicle being sought. It had expired license plates and was found abandoned in the parking lot at Mindy Tran’s nearby school under very suspicious circumstances. This was also the location of the RCMP command post at the time. A set of handcuffs and a roll of duct tape had been left visible on the dash of the vehicle. The vehicle was shown on the news being towed away. The owner was never publicly identified. Who would leave a vehicle matching the description of the one being sought one day earlier in a child’s abduction, at such a visible location, in such a suspicious manner? This is the first piece of evidence found on only the second day after Mindy’s abduction. The police then issued a news report stating that they had investigated and that there was no problem with the jeep in relation to Mindy’s abduction. This is the last time a jeep is mentioned in the Tran case ever again. The search for the original jeep seen on the night of Mindy's abduction was never  mentioned again. This may be the first piece of evidence to demonstrate that Sgt. Tidsbury and the RCMP were attempting to divert the public investigation away from identifying a witness to the abduction. I was the driver of that original jeep and there is a problem with that jeep. This other "planted" jeep may be evidence of a deliberate obstructing of justice in the Tran case by the RCMP.  
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 The other report from that same day is of a young Oriental girl being taken away in a suspicious vehicle. This took place only a short distance from the Tran neighborhood in the middle of the day and during a very intensive search for a little girl. The initial description of this suspect vehicle was of a suburban, a vehicle which closely matches the description of the jeep already being sought and the likely reason that this other vehicle was even reported. This was immediately announced as the hottest lead even though it was concerning an event that came days after Mindy was already missing and the girl was likely not Mindy. News reports show that the media was instructed by the RCMP not to report on the initial vehicle descriptions from the evening of Mindy's disappearance, but that the media then reported extensively on this vehicle which was reported in regard to an event which came days later.  
see news report of a suburban  

This is the four door jeep Cherokee  that was driving around the Tran's neighborhood and should have been the subject of a search. The lower half has had rust repairs as seen in this photo and has been repainted to a lighter gray than it's original jeep gray brown color. The wheels, tall tires, bumper, and the diamond stripe are the same as was seen on Aug/17/94.


The search was immediately diverted towards a "Suburban type truck".

Aug/ 21/ 94- Over the next few days and week, the entire investigation is diverted towards a vehicle which had originally been described as a suburban like vehicle but immediately changed to being described as just a common brown truck. Changing the vehicle description from a Jeep to a Suburban provided the means to make this next change. There were no four door full size jeep trucks which could have a removable canopy, but there were four door full size GMC trucks. Now the vehicle could become just a truck with a matching height canopy instead of a jeep with a non removable top. This generated hundreds of suspect vehicle tips and reports from everywhere deluging investigators and diverting the investigation completely away from the Tran neighborhood. This search proved time consuming and fruitless. The RCMP, with no explanation for having done so, claimed that what was originally a suburban type vehicle with two back doors, was now just a truck with a canopy which may have been removed.
see report of police diverting the search to a "truck" 
police are deluged with reports from every where

A truck with matching height canopy then becomes the search focus.

Posters are quickly circulated identifying a common brown truck as the subject of the search.
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see letter to editor

Aug/ 25/ 94- The RCMP then released a sketch of a new vehicle that they claim is from a compilation of features reported by eye witnesses on the day of Mindy’s disappearance. This is a small white van that is from then on constantly mentioned but never found. Witnesses from the area said that this vehicle only loosely matched the description of the vehicle seen. The jeep or Suburban is never mentioned again. Note that some of the features attributed to this van, like the wheels, match the description of the wheels on the jeep.
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This vehicle only loosely matched the original description

This vehicle then becomes the sole focus of the search based on a story supplied by the police.
see news report

Sgt Tidsbury is involved in "consolidating" the vehicle descriptions into this one.
see news report

The RCMP claimed to be certain that this vehicle was involved in the abduction.
see story 

The changing description of the vehicle originally being sought, from my jeep wagon to the suburban like vehicle, to the the white van.




 By sidetracking the public investigation away from the jeep in the Tran case, at such an early stage in the investigation and by attempting to conceal the evidence of this vehicle's existence, Sgt Tidsbury may just have demonstrated his intent to obstruct justice for Murrin's benefit right from the start. Tidsbury demonstrated an understanding of the importance of this vehicle that could only have come from the  person carrying the suitcase. The driver of the jeep was a witness that Tidsbury didn’t want to be revealed to anyone. Tidsbury probably did not immediately know who the driver of the jeep was and therefore, would not have known that the driver was a witness who had been in this same situation previously and may recognize the similarities in Sgt. Tidsbury's handling of these events. It was a full week after the jeep was found in the school parking lot before the police gave any explanation.
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Being the driver of the jeep, I was placed in the strange situation of being a witness to events in the murder of a child, and yet had come under a death threat that originated from RCMP operatives connected to Sgt. Tidsbury. Through his actions to divert the investigation away from this vehicle and witness, Gary Tidsbury has provided the evidence required to implicate himself and the RCMP in obstruction of justice. Although hard to believe that a cop would do this, I have seen it done twice by this one. Gary Tidsbury was following orders from a superior to obstruct justice in the 1981disapearance of "Elizabeth" also involving Shannon Murrin. Was he  doing so again for this same suspect Shannon Murrin, in 1994 ?

The media was all over the Tran neighborhood following Mindy’s disappearance. The news reports show that they were instructed to not report on the first vehicle descriptions. Are there any media personal that remember this vehicle description and those first sketches? What were you told? Why was this not pursued?
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There were sketches circulated around the Tran neighborhood of a jeep like vehicle. Find a copy of these or the people that provided this description. These are witnesses to my presence. Initially, I did not know who it was that I had followed that night and the people reporting my vehicle did not know that I may be a witness that the RCMP did not want anyone else to know of. Someone may have endangered themselves and me without even knowing it. The RCMP know who the witnesses were who reported my vehicle. I hope that they will come forward and provide me the same information that was given to the police.  

The Police had set up a command post in Springfield park again asking the public for information following the discovery of Mindy's body.
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Two RCMP members, Const. Griffiths and Const. McLeod, are photographed and identified collecting vehicle descriptions and reports at this command post. Did anyone report a jeep? This RCMP member Const. Griffiths is later identified as falsifying evidence to justify a drug investigation of the residence where I had been staying and where a home invasion was perpetrated by people claiming to be the RCMP. My jeep was parked for sale in front of this residence. A specific threat was delivered at knifepoint: "Don't even think of ratting on anyone or we will be back to cut you in half."  Go to the home invasion heading for the  complete story.
see news story and photo

As attention was being focused on the Tran neighborhood, Murrin apparently moved into a residence on Rutland Road for a period of time across the street from the residence that was my destination on the night of Mindy's abduction. The person who lived here had also owned a jeep Cherokee of the same color as mine at the same time. She had just recently sold it to the woman whom I was giving a ride to on that night. As it turns out, the license plates that were on my jeep on the night that I followed the murder suspect, were not mine, but were registered to the woman living across the street from where Murrin is reported to have moved to following his move from the Tran neighborhood. The person  carrying  the suitcase on that evening had paused briefly as he went around behind my vehicle and looked to be reading my license plate number before fleeing into the park. If this is true, it is very coincidental and suspicious, for as far as I know, Shannon Murrin had no way of finding the registered owner of a vehicle from a license number without police assistance.

The facial structure required to make the expression seen on the suitcase carrying suspects face was close to this look on Murrin's face if amplified by  shock or surprise. He has a distinctive and wide mouth when he is animated.


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