Ujjal Dosanjh: Currently the Liberal Defense Critic

Formerly Canada's Federal Health Minister

The former British Columbia NDP Premier received his appointment to a Federal Liberal Candidacy seat directly from the P.M. himself and immediately became a member of the Federal Liberal Cabinet. 

Ujjal Dosanjh, was B.C.'s Attorney General  during the trial of Shannon Murrin. Regulations require that the A.G. be notified when an RCMP informant or agent is being charged with criminal offences. There-fore; Dosanjh must have known or ought to have known, that Shannon Murrin was an RCMP agent and that Sgt.Tidsbury was Murrin's handler, yet he allowed this trial to take place without questioning RCMP involvement with the tampered and destroyed DNA evidence submitted to the jury, resulting in Murrin's acquittal. If he did not know of Shannon Murrin's RCMP protected agent status, the RCMP have with held information which was vital to understanding the investigators motive in this case and which likely justifies a retrial. If Dosanjh knew this, then he and members of the Crown deliberately presented a flawed case which as it stands, has legalized the murder of British Columbia's children  by RCMP agents. Dosanjh is the same man who claimed to be a staunch defender of children's rights.
Ministry of Attorney General


October 5, 1999 99:91

VICTORIA – Children who testify in court will benefit from better support and protection as a result of changes to courtroom procedures and new technology, Attorney General Ujjal Dosanjh announced today.

"All crime is upsetting, but crimes against children are especially disturbing," said Dosanjh. "We need to vigorously prosecute those who commit these crimes, but at the same time, we also need to make sure that children who have been victimized are given the support and protection they need when they testify as witnesses."

Others claim that Dosanjh's actions when it comes to child protection, do not match his words. 
see- charges stayed against pedophile 

In B.C., there is an investigation underway alleging that proceeds of crime were used to remove the existing M.P.( Herb Dhaliwal) from the riding now taken over by Dosanjh.
see- story
All B.C. ridings except one were "Martinized." A former Liberal executive officer added, in the December 29 Sun, that “They wouldn’t have had Herb Dhaliwal taken out without the Basi Boys.” Elections Canada has warned that those who engage in “bulk purchase of party memberships could face fines and jail terms of up to five years.” If that places David Basi in peril, it also places Paul Martin, Gordon Campbell, and their Liberal campaigners in peril. The electoral process itself is in peril. This is why David Basi is so important to every British Columbian. And to Canada.
The Liberals "admit privately, the B.C. business is a time bomb for Prime Minister Martin. Up to now, the raids have been virtually ignored by media east of the Rockies ..." [Thomas Walkom, Toronto Star, 24 Feb. 04]

Other key Dosanjh political supporters have been implicated in drug activity and organized crime, one even claiming that the Vancouver Police are under the control of this organization.
- news story

The media questioned what Dosanjh had done in the past to warrant his Liberal appointment directly by the P.M. 
quote:What explanation is there for this about turn?

It's about Dosanjh selling out his principles for power. It's a desperate attempt to become a cabinet minister in a scandal-ridden government that will say and do anything to stay in office. 
Dosanjh has thrown away 35 years of dedication to social democracy 


What has Dosanjh done to deserve this? Ujjal Dosanjh once orchestrated a series of events that forced then- NDP premier Glen Clark to step down in scandal. 

Charges were laid by Dosanjh against then premier Clarke with little justification.

Informant didn't think ex-B.C. premier was dirty ... benefit," Cpl. John Taylor, a lead investigator with the RCMP commercial crime division, wrote...

Dosanjh also had a close relationship with the former P.M Jean Chretien and is accused of conspiring to bring down the Provincial N.D.P. in order to bring in a Liberal Government.

Dosanjh was also the AG at the time of the Gustafsen Lake crisis in which unprecedented human rights violations occurred.

Dosanjh's close involvement in Gustafson also disclosed RCMP Sgt.Montague and the role of the RCMP in obstructing the media. A secret police force was found to be under control of the P.M.'s office. Note Montague's famous final comment.

University of Victoria Student Newspaper, Page 7. 
by chris morabito

"'Finally the buck stops here,' Dosanjh said, taking ultimate responsibility
for whatever happens at Gustafsen Lake." - Vancouver
Sun, Aug. 29, 1995.

It is time for Attorney General and Human Rights Minister Ujjal Dosanjh to
not only resign as a minister and Member of the Legislative Assembly,
but to submit to an investigation by an international human rights tribunal
for the crimes against humanity he and his agencies are accused of committed
during the 1995 Gustafsen Lake conflict.

Over the last four years there has been a worldwide demand for a public
inquiry into that incident, but the BC Human Rights Commission, which
is headed by Dosanjh, has remained silent on the matter. There can be
little doubt that Ujjal Dosanjh's position dual portfolio of Attorney General
and Minister for Human Rights has provided him with an unbelievable
opportunity to silence the issues raised by the Gustafsen Lake conflict, and the
calls for an inquiry. It is obvious that he has been in a gross conflict of
interest for much too long. Therefore I demand that the politician who has
repeatedly claimed to "uphold the integrity and independence of the office
of Attorney General" step down immediately and submit to some type of
human rights tribunal investigation.

At the time of the Gustafsen Lake conflict, not even the RCMP thought they
would get away with what they were doing. The RCMP commander at
Gustafsen Lake, Superintendent Len Olfert said of the RCMP and military
operations that "there will be inquiries into this until hell freezes over."
These operations included firing 77,000 rounds of internationally prohibited
hollow point ammunition at the 18 men, women, and children in the
Gustafsen Lake camp, as well as the utilization of land mines and armored
personnel carriers in assaults on the camp, and an almost total control over
media operations.

Not only have several thousands of individuals signed petitions demanding an
inquiry and an investigation of leaders like Dosanjh, so have political
organizations from around the world. They include, but are not limited to,
the Council of Canadians, federal NDP leader Alexa McDonough, the
Assembly of First Nations, the League of Indigenous Sovereign Nations, Canadian
Federation of Students, Graduate Student Society of the University of
Victoria, Canadian Union of Public Employees 2419, Pacific Human Rights,
Democracy Street, Teaching Support Staff Union of Simon Fraser University,
Aboriginal Rights Coalition, former United States Attorney General Ramsey
Clark, Incomindios, the Green Group of the European Parliament, the Canadian
Alliance in Solidarity with the Native Peoples, Moloqil Tinamit and other
Mayan organizations in Guatemala, For Mother Earth Belgium, the Black
Community Collective & Black Autonomy International Canada, the Afrikan
Frontline Network, Te Ropu Maori, Support for Native Sovereignty, the
Tasmania Human Rights Group, and Settlers In Support of Indigenous
Sovereignty and the BC chapter of the NDP Socialist Caucus and many

It is very likely that an investigation into the Gustafsen Lake matter would
not only implicate Dosanjh in crimes against humanity, but also the most
powerful judges and politicians in BC and Canada as well, including Prime
Minister Jean Chretien and Chief Justice of Canada Antonio Lamer. If
Canada is to move into the new millennium with even a glimmer of hope of
living up to its constitution, it must address all the issues relating to the
Gustafsen Lake matter.

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