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Canada's wrongfully convicted - the "other" suspects. 

Thomas Sophonow appears to have been deliberately pursued and falsely convicted of murder in order for the real perpetrator, a rapist, police informant, and reputed international serial killer, to avoid investigation.  Look at the unprecedented treatment afforded to Terry Arnold, the other suspect in this case. Arnold is suspected of murders right from Canada to Mexico. The American Bar Association has openly identified this suspect as being a Canadian informant.
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David Milgaard
spent decades in prison for a murder he did not commit. The police never found the real killer, it took a private investigation launched by Milgaard's mother to unearth him.
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The killer turned out to be
another suspected police informant Larry Fisher, a serial rapist and murderer who had suspiciously avoided investigation but was later convicted after DNA exonerated Milgaard. 
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At the time of the murder, Fisher was living with Cadrain, a Saskatoon Police informant who was actively deflecting suspicion away from his friend Fisher by falsely implicating Milgaard. 

Larry Fisher  had lived in Cadrain's basement at the time of Miller's murder. Karst said he didn't realize that at the time, and he doesn't know why he and Det.-Sgt. Ray Mackie asked Cadrain if he knew anything about an unnamed suspect in the new rape case.
Quote: from David Milgaard's mother.

"If there was one most important point of all, I guess I'd like to know why when (Larry) Fisher was caught, he went through the system in Regina. Nobody knew about it. It never made the papers. How did they manage that and why? I mean that doesn't make sense. You've got a serial rapist and you don't tell anybody about it? You don't tell the victims about it, you don't put it in the paper so people can be relieved? There was a coverup in no uncertain terms, as far as I'm concerned, and that's what needs to come out. What happened and why and who did it. Who was responsible."
An inquiry is now underway. The RCMP handler of RCMP agent Shannon Murrin, conducted the re-investigation of several key witnesses for Milgaard's inquiry. Documented/see inquiry- (pg. 63)
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Stephen Truscott
- Again viable suspects overlooked in one of Canada's first wrongful convictions.
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Truscott's lawyers, in a 561-page brief to then-justice minister Anne McLellan in November, 2001, claimed that police, in their haste to arrest the teenager, were blind to other suspects who were around in the summer of 1959.
The brief alleged police overlooked a pedophile who was stationed at the military base and a rapist who had repaired a clothes dryer at the Harper home and moved to the United States shortly after the girl's death.
A book was written chronicling the investigation.

"Until You Are Dead"   reveals witnesses not called upon to testify; other, more likely suspects, including a known pedophile, never questioned; and important leads that were kept from the defence, the judge and jurors. Boxes of police files and military records hidden or buried in government vaults reveal astonishing and disturbing information about an investigation and trial the authorities always claimed was above reproach. All told, the book uncovers a wealth of information that could have lead to a different verdict and a very different life for the young boy who was nearly executed over forty years ago.
The Police and the Military were well aware that a sexual predator was operating in the area at the time.
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Recent news reports are raising concerns of witness obstruction in the investigation of the other suspect, a member of the Canadian military! 
A key witness at Steven Truscott's 1959 murder trial claims she was awakened in the dead of night and taken to a police station at an air force base in Clinton, Ont., where an OPP inspector and three other officers pressured her to change her evidence.

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Guy Paul Morin's case also raises suspicions. The American Bar Association notes the same pattern of using informants to implicate an innocent person in this case. DNA eventually exonerated Morin. 
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Is there another suspect/ informant hiding in the background and avoiding an investigation by way of Police obstruction? There are many similarities between this case and Milgaard's in which a police informant was eventually found to be the killer
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uote: Both James McCloskey, founder of Centurion Ministries, a U.S. organization dedicated to freeing the wrongly convicted, and James Lockyer, one of Morin's lawyers, pointed to the similarities between different cases of unjust conviction. Prosecutorial and police misconduct are common, involving the suppression or manipulation of evidence, the willful use of jailhouse informants, and the wringing of false confessions through grueling and confusing interrogations. We should be concerned about those who are sworn to uphold the law and who knowingly send innocent persons to prison. What else is this but a crime? They kidnap an innocent person, there's forceful confinement, torture and in the case of the death penalty, conspiracy to commit murder," Ruben Carter said.
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Robert Baltovich
, falsely convicted of murder and recently released. The new prime suspect, Paul Bernardo!
Paul Bernardo raised suspicions once again of Police obstruction for a serial rapist. Why the Police behaved in this manner is suspicious at best. Bernardo fits the profile of a protected informant, but no reports have emerged with that allegation, instead another connection keeps surfacing.
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Comments on the book, Invisible Darkness : quote- I also found it very frustrating that the cops had all this evidence on Paul during the Scarbourough rapes, the plate numbers on his car and everything, and he was never arrested.
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The following story suggests a connection between Bernardo/ Karla Homolka and a powerful "religious" organization which many Police members, judges, lawyers, and politicians also belong to.

Is Freemasonry the missing piece to the puzzle of how the Police could have failed for so long to stop Bernardo, including the ignoring of repeated tips about him, that has raised so many questions in the public's mind? 

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-You must conceal all crimes of your brother Masons...and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother Mason be always sure to shield him...It may be perjury to do this, it is true, but you're keeping your obligations.
Handbook of Masonry, page 183

- RCMP history in Freemasonry