The Initial Arrest Warrant shows that Murrin's 7:30-9:00 P.M. alibi witness, Bob Holmes, did not back up Murrin's story. Holmes stated that Murrin did not show up to search for Mindy until after 9:00 P.M. on the night of the abduction. 

Beginning on January 6, 1995 a whole slew of warrants and wire tap orders were issued. Tidsbury asked for Seversen's help in preparing the warrants. Appendix B of the warrants - grounds for belief contains the following information.
* Ryan Campbell saw Mindy lay her bike down in front of 360A Taylor Road and walk towards the door of Shannon Murrin's residence
* There were several inconsistencies in Shannon Murrin's statement
* Shannon refused to take a polygraph and refused to give DNA samples
* Several witnesses had seen a man matching Shannon's description carrying a suitcase that appeared to contain a body to Mission Creek Park
* RCMP had seized a suitcase from the Mugfords with four hairs in it
* Bob Holmes now said that Shannon didn't arrive at his house until 9PM on August 17, 1994
* Holmes' suggested that Tidsbury accompany him to Mission Creek Park on Dec. 29 to show him where Shannon was acting strange.
* Holmes Dunn & McDonald advised Tidsbury that they believed Shannon was responsible for Mindy's death
* Holmes, Dunn & McDonald told Tidsbury that Shannon Murrin confessed to killing Mindy Tran
* The following information was learned during the undercover operation (Tidsbury's warrant)
* That he is capable of killing a child
* That he has experience in killing people
* That he is willing to kill people for the organization
* That he was willing to kill a police officer for the organization
* Blood spatters were found at Shannon's home when they searched it on January 6, 1995 (Seversen's warrant)