A copy of the sketches of the first vehicle  suspected in the disappearance of Mindy Tran. This vehicle was originally described as a 4/wheel drive SUV or "Suburban like vehicle".  The sketch was briefly published in a Kelowna area newspaper sometime between Aug/18 or 19 - Aug/25 /94. Please check your records for any original copies.

Strangely, this is one of very few newspapers missing from library records.
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Any one recalling the sketches, news stories, TV. video, or the original witnesses providing this vehicle description are urged to respond with any details about this vehicle as well as the time and location of the sightings.

Please contact us confidentially by one of the following means:

Mail to-"TRANSFIXED" Box 606 Sicamous B.C. VOE2VO

Fax - (250) 836-4361                          Email -

To claim the reward, please send a copy of your item to one of the above and provide a means by which we may respond to you. All information regarding this vehicle is very important. Please pass this request on to anyone else who may have lived in Kelowna or the Okanagan during 1994. Alternate contacts are provided here if required.