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What has been put forward in Murrin’s defense, as evidence of his innocence is actually evidence of a flawed time line of events put forward by the RCMP. There were simply too many witnesses who contradicted the police theory for it to be believed. The jury was left in the position of having to acquit Murrin because the case as presented did not fit the evidence. This in no way meant that Murrin was innocent. 

The RCMP claimed that Murrin would not have had time to commit the crime and return to the Holmes residence by 7:00 P.M. Several witnesses were reported to have changed their testimony from seeing Murrin at this residence at 7:00PM to a later time. The changed testimony made it appear that the RCMP were fabricating a case to fit their theory in order to convict Murrin. The other witnesses who testified to seeing Murrin at the Elwyn Rd. residence around  7:00 P.M. was now viewed as proof that Murrin could not have committed the crime in the manner that the RCMP were alleging and there-fore Murrin could be innocent. Court records show that there were as many as four other witnesses who saw and identified Murrin at the Holmes residence at approximately 7:00 P.M. What should have been obvious was that Murrin was there both at 7:00 P.M and then again later after 9:00 P.M. This time frame fits all witness testimony and should have been the basis for the RCMP theory of events. 

RCMP Constable Severson reported that a friend of Murrin's, said that he had seen Murrin riding on the back of Rob Holmes motorcycle at 7:45 P.M. The witness supposedly reporting this was found dead and Severson testified in his place in court. As many as five other known witnesses saw and identified Murrin six blocks away at this same time between 7:30 P.M.and 9:10 P.M. near the Collison Road residence identified by the new witness. These witnesses and their testimony, were all known to the RCMP before the trial and many are documented in the court records. Records confirm that the owner of the motorcycle, Rob Holmes, contradicted the only witness account placing Murrin on the motorcycle during this time frame. The information contradicting this can be found in Severson's warrant. Holmes is still alive to confirm at the time this was written.
see Severson's Warrant
In an interview with Murrin after his acquittal, he even contradicts this story, saying he was drunk and can't remember how he even got to the Holmes residence until about 8:30 PM.
full interview
 Quote "
By 8:30 that evening he'd come to and was sitting in the carport of a friend's place - a burly ex-Newfoundlander named Bob Holmes - having yet another beer. A police cruiser pulled up to the curb and asked if they'd seen a missing girl named Mindy Tran.

Murrin knew Mindy. She lived just a few doors down. She sometimes came over to the duplex to play with the daughter of his landlord. Murrin said he hadn't seen her, then set out to help search."

This is the faulty time line of events presented by the RCMP: found in-

[11] It is the Crown’s theory that Mindy Tran entered the
residence on Taylor Road in which Mr. Murrin was living around
6:47 p.m., at a time when Mr. Murrin was home alone.  The Crown
appears to be advancing the theory that Mr. Murrin killed her
in the residence and transported her body to the nearby park in
a suitcase, after which he went to the Elwyn Road address and
joined the occupants there in searching for the missing girl.
[12] If, as Mr. Nelson asserts, Shannon Murrin was at the Elwyn
Road residence as early as 7:00 p.m., it appears unlikely that
he could have caused Mindy Tran’s death and disposed of her
body in the short time before his arrival there.  Thus, Mr.
Nelson’s evidence is of crucial importance.

According to Murrin's website at injustice; There were other reasons that the new evidence wouldn't work for the Crown. All of the alibi witnesses had given statements that they had seen Shannon more than once on the 17th of August. Even if you believed that all six alibi witnesses were mistaken about seeing Shannon at 7PM on August 17, 1994 the new improved times did not fit the Crown's suitcase theory. Even the Ambler report noted that the times presented by the Crown just didn't add up.

The following is the revised timeline from all witness accounts. If the evidence presented by Murrin’s 7:00 alibi witnesses is incorporated with the rest of the evidence and other witnesses, and the time line of events adjusted to reflect this, the case becomes obvious. There were and still are witnesses for all these times and locations.

6:00 P.M.+ - Murrin was at his residence before and when Mindy Tran arrived and went to his door.

6:30 P.M.+ - Mindy disappeared from this location and her bike found close by.

7:00 P.M. + - Murrin is seen at the Holmes residence one block away on Elwyn Rd. and he had a suitcase with him. He did not have enough time to dispose of Mindy's body in the park and return to the Holmes residence by this time. Mindy was still in the suitcase!

7:30-7:45  - Murrin is then seen by several witnesses as he carried a suitcase along a route leading directly from the Holmes residence towards the park where Mindy's body was eventually found.

7:45 P.M.  -Murrin is seen by a witness crossing Springfield Road and going into the park carrying a suitcase described as being heavy.

8:15 PM   - Murrin is seen returning from the park.

8:20-PM   - Murrin is seen by other witnesses carrying a light suitcase in a neighborhood close to Springfield Rd. walking back directly towards the residence identified by the new witness. 

8:25- 8:40 P.M.  - Murrin is seen sitting in a carport on Collison Rd. near Springfield road drinking beer with several associates. He knew that he had been seen by the new witness and followed to this location.

9:00 P.M.+  - Murrin is then seen by another witness dressed in different clothing and again carrying a light suitcase, approximately one block away from the carport where he had just been seen. A suitcase was later found on top of a garbage can in this vicinity. The resident at this location said that the suitcase was not his and that he did not place it there. 

9:15 P.M.+  - Murrin is seen back at Holmes Elwyn Rd. residence where he buries his clothing.

 Mindy’s body was later found in the park where Murrin was seen going into and coming back from on the night of the abduction. The RCMP would have to have known that all of these witnesses were going to contradict the theory of events presented to the jury. Why did they not adjust their theory to fit the evidence when the evidence and witnesses easily showed who it was that kidnapped Mindy Tran. RCMP agent Shannon Murrin was the only person identified by any of the eye witnesses and is implicated in all aspects of this crime from start to finish.