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Edited sections of Ray Ambler's Alberta RCMP investigation stated that Gary Tidsbury should have been removed from the investigation and that it was the Senior RCMP members involved who were responsible for the downfall of this case, with some even guilty of non RCMP behavior. 
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Despite this finding, Tidsbury’s then boss Superintendent Forbes, who should have removed him, and Deputy Commissioner Busson who condoned them, were each promoted to the very top of the B.C. RCMP.  Commissioner Zaccardelli went on to award them both the order of merit in 2004 for "their exceptional level of commitment"
- RCMP awards presentation
They have demonstrated an exceptional level of commitment and contribution to policing and to their communities.

This effectively ended any hopes for an RCMP initiated investigation. Sgt. Tidsbury retired, taking the heat for bungling this case while his superiors continue to shield him and Murrin from any proper investigation. Additional accusations of obstruction are being leveled against the heads of the RCMP by their own members, MP's, and the Complaints Commission. 
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Former B.C. Premier, Ujall Dosanjh, British Columbia's Attorney General at the time of Shannon Murrin's trial, has a great deal of political clout even by-passing a liberal candidacy nomination vote to be directly appointed by the Prime Minister. According to Canadian law he should have, or ought to have known that an RCMP agent was on trial.

Bev Busson, a former Kelowna RCMP member, was appointed to head the new Organized Crime Division in 1999 by Ujjal Dosanjh. She then became an RCMP Deputy Commissioner. She is justifying the actions of the members involved.

Carl Busson,  promoted by Bev Busson ( his ex wife?) and is now the superintendent in charge of the entire B.C. Drug agency. Drug informants are implicated in threatening the lives of witnesses to Mindy's abduction.
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Gary Tidsbury, son of a former high ranking Alberta RCMP member, and chief facilitator of the actions which resulted in his agent Murrin's acquittal. Tidsbury is now employed in a well paid security position with a major corporation.

Staff Sergeant Darryl Graves, allowed Tidsbury to continue on as the lead investigator and allowed him to take Shannon's DNA to England. Immediately following Murrin's acquittal, Graves had a secret meeting with Shannon Murrin at the Toronto airport. It was only after meeting with Graves that Murrin became vocal about his intentions to sue the RCMP. This justified the continuing silence of the RCMP.

 Corporal Webb, Gary Tidsbury's personal assistant, was promoted to Sergeant and works out of the RCMP's North Vancouver office.  

The members of the Crown responsible for prosecuting Shannon Murrin were hand picked by the A.G."s office.

Josiah Wood, the special prosecutor appointed by Ujall Dosanjh, was personally aware of testimony identifying a distinguishing feature common to Mindy's killer and to Shannon Murrin. He refused to allow the testimony to be heard by the jury. 
Josiah Wood, a former judge, stepped down from the bench to become a "special prosecutor ". Members of the crown did not bring forward other available unbiased witness testimony which would have aided in identifying Mindy Tran's killer. Instead testimony was allowed from Doug Martin, an RCMP informant who had already  perjured himself in the Sophonow case, a fact that was well known to the crown. It was questioned by the 5th estate as to why this testimony was even allowed.

Paige Johnston, daughter of a former RCMP member, and one of the Crown Prosecutors from the Tran case, has now been appointed to Q.C. in Kelowna. 

Gary Forbes, the former Kelowna RCMP Superintendent  from the time of the Tran investigation was promoted to become the Superintendent of Surrey. He had the discretion to institute a code of conduct review of the members involved in the Tran investigation. He refused to do so. Information implicating Shannon Murrin in the prior disappearance of another girl was given to the Surrey RCMP with no response!  

Kelowna Superintendant Sam McLeod, reportedly received the new information from Surrey to investigate. Nothing was done.

Don Harrison, the new Kelowna Supervisor who had been vocal, justifying the Tran investigation as "well done" has been promoted again and replaces Sam McLeod as the OIC of Central B.C.'s E Division under Bev Busson's command. Harrison has admitted to having to lie as part of his duties.

Kelowna M.P. Warner Schmitt,  During the run-up to the 2004 federal election,  former members of the Kelowna RCMP were found to be running this election campaign. They were asked to support whistle blower legislation and a reinvestigation of Mindy Tran's murder. Their reply was the standard RCMP response, that the case was lost due to a few accidental mistakes. It is unknown whether any of the new evidence had even been made known to Schmitt.