A major loophole has been discovered in Canadian law that allows for and in some cases, even mandates that the RCMP obstruct justice for their agents. The RCMP themselves seem to be at a loss as to what to do when one of these "agents" goes out of control. Their victims have little or no recourse. This law is now allowing a suspected child killer to be set free and to be paid off by our government.

The RCMP Code of Conduct has been given priority over the criminal code of Canada in this case. A line needs to be drawn, clearly defining what is acceptable behavior for the RCMP to engage in when one of their informants or agents is implicated in the murder of a child. There is a vast difference between using the confidential informant handling laws to assist an informant to avoid a drug conviction and assisting an informant to avoid justice for killing a child. Children are defenseless and totally reliant upon the laws written for their protection and the police need to be relied upon to enforce these laws. The ability to engage in this type of agent handling behavior for the crime of murdering a child, needs to be expressly prohibited by law and removed from the discretionary use of the RCMP/agent handlers. Changes need to be made to both the RCMP code of conduct and Canada's criminal code. Your support is requested to ensure that changes reflecting the following are finalized and implemented.

1/ The RCMP must immediately disclose to an independent review board when one of their informants or agents is a suspect in the murder of a child. Powers must be given to this board to monitor and to intervene in the investigation if required.

2/ The RCMP must be prohibited from withholding any evidence which identifies and implicates one of their agents, from this review board.

3/ The handler of any RCMP agent suspected in the crime must be immediately removed from the case and prohibited from any further involvement in the investigation except as a witness.

4/ Any RCMP member found to be engaged in or directing actions to assist a suspect to avoid justice for murdering a child is an accomplice guilty of a criminal offence, and must face mandatory criminal charges.

5/ If evidence is brought forward at any time that a suspect has been acquitted by the previous means, the suspect will be subject to retrial and the police members responsible must be charged with a criminal offense.

6/ There can be no plea bargains or deals cut in the case of anyone suspected of murdering a child or in the case of any police member who obstructs justice in order to gain the acquittal of a child killer.

7/ A jury must be informed of the RCMP informant/agent status of anyone suspected of murdering a child if this information is necessary to understand the events relating to the case.

Please forward this to your elected officials and inform them that the current RCMP agent handling laws are unacceptable to the vast majority of RCMP members and Canadian citizens alike. Petition them to take immediate action to plug this loophole before any more Canadian children meet the same fate. Thank you!


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