A freedom of information request made by Murrin and his juror/girlfriend, obtained a confirming  report of the first suspicious vehicle. Shannon Murrin's girlfriend immediately jumped on this report as evidence of another possible suspect in the crime. What she does not know is that this vehicle was following the person seen carrying the suitcase and it was the person with the suitcase that had read the license number on this vehicle. Therefore the person carrying the suitcase, identified as being Shannon Murrin, is suspected of calling in this report. The nature of this vehicle report is extremely suspicious. First it is called in anonymously. Then it attempts to place suspicion on the driver of this vehicle as a suspect in Mindy's abduction. The report claims that the RCMP spent days looking for this vehicle before realizing that they had the wrong plate number. These first few days correspond with the time frame that the sketches of a jeep like vehicle were being shown and circulated. There is suspiciously no vehicle description provided in this report when obviously there was a description as someone was close enough to get a license number. The following is the vehicle report obtained by a freedom of information request and placed by Kathy MacDonald on Murrin's injustice buster site. 

Forty-five minutes after Mindy disappeared police received an anonymous call about a man in a vehicle cruising around Mindy’s neighborhood trying to entice children with candy. Unfortunately the license number was written down wrong and it wasn’t until days later that police realized they had the wrong license number.


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