THE DANA BRADLEY MURDER:   Twenty-one years ago a 14 yr old girl was brutally murdered. Dana Bradley was a student a I.J. Sampson School and had attended school on December 14, 1981. She left school at 2:50 PM and met three of her friends at a local convenience store. At 4:30 PM Dana called her grandmother from a friend's house and said she would be home by 5:30 PM. The next confirmed sighting of Dana is believed at approximately 5:15 PM when two men selling Christmas trees noted a girl matching Dana's description walking along Topsail Road heading east in front of the bus stop opposite Tim Hortons. The girl was hitch-hiking and did so for a couple of minutes until a 1973-1976 DODGE DART or PLYMOUTH VALIANT pulled over and the driver leaned over and opened the passenger's door as it would not open from the outside when the girl tried it. The girl got in and the car drove off, eastbound on Topsail Road. The car was described as a four door, yellow, green or beige car, with possible a dark coloured roof. The car had rust spots along the lower half around fenders and doors. A passing truck driver also noticed the car stopped in the driving lane near the bus stop. The man noted a young girl, matching the description of Dana, run up to the car and leaning in and talking to the driver. He described the same type of car as the other two witnesses. The description of the suspect was given as approximately 5'8", late twenties, slim build, dirty blond/brown messy,unkempt hair, collar length. The next sighting we have is on the evening of December 14, 1981 at 11:30 PM. A husband and wife were passing the area where Dana's body was found on December 18, 1981. They noticed a vehicle similar to that described by the other witnesses parked on the side of Maddox Cove Road off the highway. The interior light was on inside the car and the passenger's side door was open. The interior of the car was beige in colour. While passing, a man was noted standing on the bank 10-15 feet away from the car. The man didn't move as they passed and was still standing on the bank when they drove over the hill out of sight. The man matched the description of the suspect as given. On December 18, 1981 at 3:OO P.M. Dana's body was found in a wooded area near Maddox cove Road, just west of Cape Spear Road. Investigation revealed the cause of death to be due to blows to the head from a blunt object.

  Note the use of the word "unkempt" in the witness description of Dana's killer and the same word used again by a  B.C. witness to describe a person of interest in Mindy Tran's murder.