There have been many calls for an inquiry into the handling of this case, including from Murrin's own lawyers, the jurors, the witnesses, the Tran family, members of the public, and even the B.C. Attorney General at the time of the verdict said it should be seriously considered. The only one's not calling for an inquiry are the RCMP brass. 
Quote from Vancouver Sun;
Wilson called for a public inquiry into the handling of the case, and NDP attorney-general Andrew Petter stated the request should be considered seriously once the police investigations into the handling of the case were completed. No inquiry was forthcoming. 

The majority of Kelowna's uniformed rank and file cops completely disagreed with the handling of this case but were unable to stop their superiors.
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As a result, says the report, the rift developed within the local RCMP, including among plain-clothes general investigation officers and among uniformed officers. The schism was still observed in April 2000, five years later.

The new witness filed a complaint  through the official RCMP complaints process but to no avail. The original complaint requested that the Mindy Tran information be sent to the appropriate department if it was not within the mandate of the Complaints Commission to investigate. In the Commission's reply, there is not one mention of Mindy Tran and there is no accounting for the evidence sent other than the Commission claiming it was irrelevant. The RCMP Complaints Commissioner is saying that they do not have the ability to investigate the Federal RCMP.

The Tran family filed their own complaint against the RCMP but neither they nor the RCMP will speak of it since.

People are increasingly losing trust in the RCMP over the handling of this case.

quote :- The cops pulled a coverup on the murder of Mindy Tran (an asian girl) and the whole town knows it.
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