Bev Busson
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Bev Busson :biography:

Busson was a former Kelowna RCMP member.
Busson is the first woman to become a chief constable in B.C. She was born in Halifax and obtained a teaching degree in 1974, the same year she joined the RCMP. Busson was in the first group of women accepted for regular training by the RCMP in Regina. She worked in Salmon Arm and Kelowna before being transferred to North Vancouver.
Bev was a member of a "special operations" unit out of Ottawa. 
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Bev Busson was appointed to head up the B.C. Organized Crime division by then A.G. Ujjal Dosanjh.

Bev Busson is then appointed as deputy commissioner.

While Bev Busson was a member of the Salmon Arm B.C. RCMP in 1975, Carl Busson  was an RCMP member stationed in nearby Sicamous. Bev Busson's maiden name at the time was MacDonald. Bev Busson has now appointed Carl Busson to be the new superintendent in charge of the B.C. drug unit.

Bev Busson claims that the RCMP investigation of Mindy Tran's murder was objective and unbiased. RCMP agent Shannon Murrin was acquitted of this crime due to the actions of his RCMP handler, Sgt. Tidsbury.
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Busson says that the RCMP code of conduct ensures that all investigations are handled properly yet she refuses to initiate the code of conduct review process to investigate the actions of Sgt. Tidsbury or his superiors in Mindy Tran's case. She states that there is a public complaints commission to ensure that the RCMP have acted responsibly. This Commission claims that they no longer have the power to investigate the federal RCMP.

On the 10th anniversary of Mindy Tran's murder, Deputy Commissioner Busson wrote a letter to the editor of a Kelowna newspaper mentioning other child abductions but avoiding any specific mention of Mindy Tran. She is claiming that policing is just too complicated for the average citizen to understand. The RCMP Deputy Commissioner is in effect calling the public too stupid to understand the police actions which resulted in the acquittal of RCMP agent Murrin. She also claimed that there was no wrong doing found by the police investigation of the RCMP but with holds the concluding police report which was known to have recommended many changes. She expects the public to just blindly trust the RCMP after an RCMP agent has just murdered a child and gotten away with it due to the actions of the investigating officers! 
Busson's letter