Suicide re-ignites thoughts of slain daughter
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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

It's been almost 18 years since Darrel Lapierre lost his teenage daughter.

For nearly 2 decades he'd hoped for peace of mind in seeing the person responsible held accountable for her murder.

And ever since learning Arnold took his own life he feels he can rest easier -- but also realizes some secrets may be buried with the man he always felt took his daughter's life.

Darrel Lapierre, Denise's Father, says "We all had the pain in different ways without the finished explanation there's a great feeling of unsettledness."

At the time of Lapierre's death -- her uncle was a staff seargent with the Calgary Police -- now retired from the force in Falkland B.C., -- he too feels the pain due to the lack of justice.

Lapierre still says "I would like to know the end of Denise's story I'd like to know who killed her I know how she died and if it was Terry Arnold then it's over that's all I'd be interested in knowing."

Terry Arnold drew a lot of suspicion in Denise Lapierre's murder because of how close he lived to her.

Denise lived in this home -- Arnold was staying not too far away -- he was living at the end of the block.

And Lapierre's nude and battered body was discovered just 50 paces from Arnold's backyard.

Despite evidence from the murder scene -- and arnold's DNA -- it wasn't enough to lay a charge.

It's hoped the suicide note or other personal belongings such as Arnold's diary and computer records will provide more clues.

Calgary police remain confident arnold had a role in lapierre's death.

Staff Sgt. Barry Cochran of the Calgary Police Homicide Unit says "It certainly frustrating in that the number of investigators have been investigating since 1997 on a daily basis frustrating to see our efforts has come to an end."

But this case is far from over -- the homicide and cold case squad will continue to probe the case.

It's expected arnold's troubled past will reveal more evidence in 3 other unsolved murders.

Arnold was considered a suspect in the 1988 disappearance of Roberta Fegruson -- a woman from Surrey.

In 1991 -- 16 year old Christine Brown was murder in Keremeos B.C. -- 6 years after her death Arnold confessed to her murdering and raping her -- he was found guilty of first degree murder but the conviction was overturned on appeal.

He was also the prime suspect in the 1981 murder of a Winnipeg waitress.

Barbara Stoppel was strangled to death.

But even it can been proven Arnold is the Denise Lapierre's murderer -- it doesn't bring his daughter back.

"It's a very draining it takes something away for the rest of your life." says Lapierre.

There is a judicial order that prevents Calgary police from revealing the details of their investigation into Arnold.

It's hoped evidence can be revealed once they close the case.

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